January 11, 2009

Modcast #114: Stop, Drop & Roll

Maybe I should dub this modcast the angry edition. Angry because I lost about half a terabyte of digital music recently, and I'm still not done complaining about it. Needless to say some of the songs here might reflect my slightly agitated state of mind. To get a good grasp of what that's like, you can sit down and spin up the Leaving Train's excellent LP Kill Tunes. Got some other killer tunes in this show as well, including rarities from Klark Kent and The Stepmothers, and brand new tracks from The Lashes and The Dukes Jetty. Enjoy.

The Leaving Trains -- Cigarette Motel
The Dukes Jetty -- Everyday
Klark Kent -- Office Girls
White Flag --I Need You
Helen Love -- Golden Summer
The Embrooks -- Helen
Foxboro Hottubs -- She's a Saint Not a Celebrity
The Lashes -- Daddy's Little Girl
The Dogs -- Too Much Class For The Neighborhood
Eleanor Rigby & Misty Wood -- Mod Boy
The Stepmothers -- Let Her Dance

Bonus Videos

Klark Kent -- Don't Care

Eleanor Rigby -- I Want To Sleep With You