September 26, 2021

Modcast #494: The Triple Play

Modcast 494 The Triple PlayIt's the end of the season, the pennant race is on, the fall classic is looming. So, of course I had to call up some ringers to talk baseball and music. First up is DJ Ken from The Shingles, and batting cleanup is none other than Vista Blue front man, Mike Patton. All baseball related songs of course, and a few of baseball's greatest play calls as well.

Listen Now

Seth Swirsky -- There's Nothing Like The Game of Baseball
Harry Simeone Songsters -- It's A Beautiful Day For A Ball Game (1961)
Vista Blue -- We're Outta The Pennant Race (2015)
Jeffrey Foskett -- Baseball Card Fever (2018)
The Ueckers -- More Than A Hobby (2013)
Liam Gallagher -- Once (2019)
Baseball's Greatest Play Calls
The Intruders -- Love Is Like A Baseball Game (1968)
Vida Blue Pt 1 -- Jimmy Bee (1974?)
The Baseball Project -- Please Don't Call Them Twinkies (2011)
Vista Blue -- Stealing Signs (2021)

Bonus Third Set

New Marines -- I like Baseball (1980)

The Baseball Project - Ichiro (Live on KEXP)

JOEY BISHOP SHOW with "The L.A. Dodgers"

Sam and Dave - Knock It Outta The Park

The Ueckers - Doom Balloon

Vista Blue - Designated Hitter

Herman Munster tries out for the Dodgers

Everclear - Jackie Robinson

September 20, 2021

Modcast #493: Diver Down

Modcast #493: Diver DownYou know the artists but do you remember these tracks? I've got deep cuts from the back catalogs of some of our favorite bands on this week's show. These are the songs that often get forgotten, or overshadowed by the bigger hits. We all know their hits, everyone knows their popular albums, and the true fans will know a lot of the back catalog for all the bands here, I'm sure. But I'm guessing even those diehards don't play many of these tracks very often.

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Paul Weller -- Has My Fire Really Gone Out? (1993)
The Who -- The Good's Gone (1965)
The Jetset -- The Wheel's Of Love (1986)
The Decibels -- It's Not Me (2018)
The Beatles -- Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey (1968)
Ocean Color Scene -- I Told You So (2007)
The Creation -- Midway Down (1968)
Georgie Fame & The Blue Fames -- Bend A Little (1964)

The Ramones -- Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World (1977)
The Standells -- Our Candidate (1966)
The Heartdrops -- Coming Back (1999)
Squeeze -- Vicky Verky (1980)
Oasis -- Step Out (1995)
Purple Hearts -- Extraordinary Sensations (1979)
The Rubinoos -- All Excited (1976)
Nirvana -- Lounge Act (1991)

Bonus Third Set

The Rolling Stones - Leave Me Alone

The Jam - See Saw

ABC - Only The Best Will Do

Small Faces - Patterns

Blondie - In The Sun

Green Day - Amanda

The Monkees - Sunny Girlfriend

The Kinks - Creepin' Jean

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September 4, 2021

Modcast #492: Summer's Slipping Away

Indeed, it's the end of the summer season and just in the nick of time here comes guest hosts DJ Ken and Michael Simmons to say a final farewell with their annual summer shindig.

Listen Now

Cheap Trick - The Summer Looks Good On You (In Another World, 2021)
Jagger Holly - At The Beach Tonight (The Last Of The International Playboys, 2018)
Airport 77s - All the Way (Rotation, 2021)
Explorers Club - Look To The Horizon (Single, 2021)
Michael Simmons - One Summer Sunday (Demo, 2021)
Coral - Take Me Back To The Summertime (Coral Island, 2021)
America - Ventura Highway (Homecoming, 1972)
Cult Stars From Mars - Funny Face (Single, 2021)
Beach Boys - Keepin' the Summer Alive (Keepin' The Summer Alive, 1980)
War - Summer (Greatest Hits, 1976)
Paul Weller - On Sunset (On Sunset, 2020)