November 27, 2021

Modcast #499: Your Virgin Ears

Modcast #499 gives you a big blast of power poppin', old school, punk and new wave. Get your musical wet suits on and your oxygen tanks topped off so you can join me on another deep dive into some more obscure and less championed tracks of the past.

Listen Now

The Atlantics -- When You're Young (1978)
The Outlets -- Bright Lights (1982)
The Pencils -- Time Of Your Life (1984)
The First Steps -- Anywhere Else But Here (1980)
The Hypsterz -- 66 54321 (1980)
Peter Dayton -- Skintite (1981)
La Peste -- Better Off Dead (1978)

LAX -- Ronnie's Song (1979)
Algebra Mothers (A Moms) -- Strawberry Cheesecake (1979)
The Upset -- Hurt (1980)
White Summer -- Power Poison (1984)
The Donkeys -- Monkey Business (198?)
Deep Throats -- Rock 'n Roll Discharge (1978)
The Valves -- It Don't Mean Nothing At All (1979)
Excel -- If It Rains (1979)

Bonus Third Set

The Jetz - Time Of Your Life

The Pencils - Time Of Your Life

Paragraf Pop - Med Dig

Fingerprintz - Houdini Love

Brave New Works - Mixed Up Feelings

The Click - Just Another Monday

The Vipers ~ "Never Alone", "Telling Those Lies", "We're Outta Here"

The Voltags - Shut up

November 13, 2021

Modcast #498: Here Comes The Nice

Modcast #498 is gonna leave you breathless, guaranteed. I've got a great line up of great music for all of you my great listeners. I've got something solid, something cold, something checkered, something amplified, from punk rock to garage rock to northern soul to power pop, I've got all the bases covered.

Listen Now

PlanB -- Give It To Me Now (2021)
Graham Hanlon & The Solid Bond -- Movin' Up (2021)
Cold Expectations -- In The Padlocked Night (2021)
Not A Moment Too Soon -- In The Zoom Breakout Room (2021)
doublepluspop -- Coincide (2021)
Angel Du$t -- No Fun (2021)
The Exbats -- Best Kiss (2021)
Bart Mendoza -- Sunny (2021)

The Ramonas -- Loser (2021)
The Amplifier Heads -- Earth Girls On The Loose (2021)
Pavid Vermin -- It's Not You (2021)
Dfactor Pop -- I Don't Chill (2021)
The Reflectors -- Faster Action (2021)
The Laissez Fairs -- Sunshine Tuff (2021)
The Checkered Hearts -- Love Buzz (2021)
Dan Vapid & The Cheats -- Come Find Me (2021)

Bonus Third Set
Shocking Blue -- Love Buzz

David Robinson -- Say Goodbye

The Jimmy C -- Poor Boy

The Airport 77s - Losers Win

Livingmore -- Sharp

Freddie Dilevi - "In the Light of a New Day" (Los conciertos de Radio3)

The Heartdrops -- Fool For Love

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