November 20, 2022

Modcast #525: Soul Transfusion

Northern soul has infused, and been transfused into all manner of music. It's a foundational part of the mod scene, and well everything else in music as well it turns out. So, thought I'd single out a few interesting byways and sideways of northern soul.

Listen Now

10,000 Maniacs -- Few And Far Between (1992)
Hello -- Tell Him (1978)
The B-Team -- All I Ever Wanted (1985)
Soft Cell -- What (1982)
JoBoxers -- Just Got Lucky (1983)
Banarama -- State I'm In (1984)
Naked Eyes -- Always Something There To Remind Me (1982)
Jamie & The Numbers -- Boys Don't Cry (2021)

Spearmint -- Sweeping The Nation (1999)
ABC -- Viva Love (2016)
Ben Pirani -- Light Of My Life (2018)
Paul Stanley's Soul Station -- I, Oh I (2021)
Miles Kane -- Caroline (2022)
Emma Noble feat. Nick Corbin -- We Gonna Live Forever (2022)
Bruce Springsteen -- Do I Love You (Indeed I Do) (2022)
The Stranglers -- Walk On By (1978)

Bonus Third Set

Aretha Franklin - I Say A Little Prayer

Pizzicato Five - Sweet Soul Revue

Miles Kane - Nothing's Ever Gonna Be Good Enough (feat. Corinne Bailey Rae)

Frank Popp Ensemble - TORN UP

Men of North Country - Mirror Man

Haircut 100 - Love Plus One

Dexys Midnight Runners - Seven Days Too Long

The Style Council - Shout To The Top

The Three O'Clock - When Lightning Starts

Andrew Kingslow - Crossed the Borderline

November 16, 2022

The Ghosts of Modcast Christmas Invitationals Past

Christmas is when friends and family gather to share the joy of the season. Oh, and to bitch at each other out about stuff. We try to keep that at a minimum here. Sadly.

The Modcast Invitationsls
[Updated 2022]

Modcast #254: Mods' Christmas Faves (Original modcast invitational)
The first ever modcast invitational with The Bang, The Ice Cream Man, The School, Warren Peace and more.
Listen on Mixcloud

Modcast #287: Mr. Suave's 2nd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Light the lights, trim the tree, shake up some holiday concoctions and hear from mod bands, bloggers, DJs from around the world as they share their fave tracks.
Listen now

Modcast #316: Mr. Suave's 3rd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Wherein I'm once again joined by the likes of Penny Lane, RAF, Paradise, Warren Peace, The Ice Cream Man and many more sharing their favorite seasonal sounds.
Listen on Mixcloud

Modcast #346: 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
This is the 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational. As I do each year I've sent out a decree to mod bands, DJs, bloggers, and podcasters that they present themselves for holiday inspection. Got a group of folks this year with some really great songs, a few classics, a couple of real gems. Inspector 12 says they passed with flying colors. Listen now.

Modcast #501: 2021 Christmas Invitational
This holiday modcast is a show for music lovers, so if you're not one you're listening to the wrong podcast. Listen now.

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November 6, 2022

Modcast #524: Fun Fun Fun

Get your radio blasting and we'll go cruising just as fast as we can now. All new music coming your way on this week's typical two set modcast, and don't miss the bonus third set of songs below.

Listen now

Dot Dash -- Forever Far Out (2022)
Popular Creeps -- From The Past (2022)
The Twenty Twos -- Feel Alive (2005)
Screaching Weasel -- My Favorite Nightmare (2022)
Judy & the Jerks -- California (2022) The Fastbacks -- Vacation (2022)
Candymouse -- King Of The Pricks (2022)
Sharp Class -- Tales Of A Teenage Mind (2022)

Mike Bell Cartel -- (I Can't Live Up To Your) Hallucinations (2022)
The Magnificent -- I Gotta Find Me Somebody (2022)
Kid Gulliver -- Nothing But Trouble (2022)
Super Genius -- Laugh With Me (2022)
Raised On TV -- Around The Sun (2022)
Amoeba Teen -- Just Not That Into You (2022)
The Figgs -- Hot Vice (2022)
Hayley Mary -- The Drip (2021)
Orbis Max -- Elvis Has Left The Building (2022)

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Bonus Third Set

Bus Stop Lovers - On Fire

Hayley Mary - Fall In Love

Odd Numbers - From Cradle to Grave

Mousefolk - Sleepwalk

Popular Creeps - Black And Blue

Geoff Palmer - I Want What I Want When I Want It

Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout

November 2, 2022

Modcast #523: Mr. Suave's Block Party

modcast #523Where my party people at? Crank up the stereo because we're going to rock the block on the modcast this week with some new tunes as well as a few golden oldies.

Listen Now

The Leopards -- Block Party (1986)
The Step -- It Ain't Nothing But A House Party (1980)
Day Dreems -- The Bad Old Days (2022)
Acid Moon And The Pregnant Sun -- I love You (2020)
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott -- I Drove Her Away With My Tears (2022)
Ceremony -- You'll Never Know (2019)
The B-52s -- Party Out Of Bounds (1980)
Drool Brothers -- Attaboy Luther (2022)

Gerald V. Casale -- I'm Gonna Pay You Back (2021)
The Briefs -- Bad Vibrations (2019)
The Fleshtones -- American Beat (1984)
The Excessories -- Teenage Daydream (2001)
The Erratix -- When Will It End (2021)
Susan -- Now I Know Why (2019)
Brad Marino -- Dream Last Night (2022)
Nipper & The Seaturtles -- Looks A Great Deal Like A Turtle (2004)

Bonus Third Set

The Leopards -- Psychadelic Boy

The Gentrys - Keep On Dancing

Ian Dury and The Blockheads – Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

The Count Five - Peace of Mind

The Flies - House of love

The Black Hollies - Run With Me Run

The Fireballs - Bottle of Wine

Christmas is coming like it or not

No other way to put it, Halloween's over. Christmas is lurking just around the corner. That means it's time to heat up the mulled wine, mix up some peppermint cocktails, and plan another modcast Christmas office party.

To do that I need a heads up on any and all new holiday tunes and seasonal albums. So, singers, bands, songwriters and such let me know if you've got any holiday releases coming be sure to let me know. Hit me up on social or drop me a line at

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