November 6, 2022

Modcast #524: Fun Fun Fun

Get your radio blasting and we'll go cruising just as fast as we can now. All new music coming your way on this week's typical two set modcast, and don't miss the bonus third set of songs below.

Listen now

Dot Dash -- Forever Far Out (2022)
Popular Creeps -- From The Past (2022)
The Twenty Twos -- Feel Alive (2005)
Screaching Weasel -- My Favorite Nightmare (2022)
Judy & the Jerks -- California (2022) The Fastbacks -- Vacation (2022)
Candymouse -- King Of The Pricks (2022)
Sharp Class -- Tales Of A Teenage Mind (2022)

Mike Bell Cartel -- (I Can't Live Up To Your) Hallucinations (2022)
The Magnificent -- I Gotta Find Me Somebody (2022)
Kid Gulliver -- Nothing But Trouble (2022)
Super Genius -- Laugh With Me (2022)
Raised On TV -- Around The Sun (2022)
Amoeba Teen -- Just Not That Into You (2022)
The Figgs -- Hot Vice (2022)
Hayley Mary -- The Drip (2021)
Orbis Max -- Elvis Has Left The Building (2022)

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Bonus Third Set

Bus Stop Lovers - On Fire

Hayley Mary - Fall In Love

Odd Numbers - From Cradle to Grave

Mousefolk - Sleepwalk

Popular Creeps - Black And Blue

Geoff Palmer - I Want What I Want When I Want It

Sham 69 - Borstal Breakout