May 24, 2021

Modcast #481: Breaking New Sound Too

breaking New Sound Too

Here it comes. Another shotgun scatter of new tunes. Breaking New Sound Too. There is so much cool new music out there that one Modcast alone can't hip you to all the mod friendly sounds that abound. Last week's Modcast #480: Breaking New Sound was a huge success (fastest one ever to 3000 streams), and there were so many more songs and bands I wanted to highlight, I did something rare and threw together a part 2 for this week's listening.

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TC Folkpunk -- I'm Not Bitter (2021)
The Handcuffs -- She Ain't No Fluffer (2021)
Hearts Apart -- Lonely Days (2021)
Ruby Bones -- Drink All Night (2021)
Vista Blue -- She's Not The One For You (2021)
Catbite -- Horizontal Aggression (2020)
Brent Seavers -- Me And My Melancholy Face (2021)
Brad Marino -- To Bleed (2021)
Geoff Palmer -- Many More Drugs (2021)

Corduroy -- I'm So Bored (2021)
Cold Expectations -- Summer Dress (2021)
Chris Church -- Know (2021)
Super Genius -- There Are Reasons (2021)
Danny Laj & The Looks -- Sweet Pretender (2021)
Kingfisher -- Illusions (2021)
Fur -- The Fine Line Of A Quiet Life (2021)
Star Collector -- Stranger (Renting Space In My Head) (2021)
The Media -- Blink Of An Eye (2021)

Dany Laj & The Looks - Hold For Love

The Media -- Blink of an Eye

Kingfisher - Get Away (Live @ Klubb Karantän)

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May 15, 2021

Modcast #480: Breaking New Sounds

Sixteen great artists all breaking new sound for you on the Modcast. I've got some power pop for you, some garage rock, some straight up punk rock, some soulful stuff, a bit of indie rock. What do they all have in common? They're all excellent. What else would you get on Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World?

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Your Academy -- Talent Party (2021)
The Courettes -- Hop The Twig (2021)
The Bad News -- Rock City Baby (2020)
The G-Bombs -- I can't Breathe (2021)
The Chelsea Curve -- All In Time (2021)
The Bishops Daredevil Stunt Club -- X-Play (2021)
Ransom & The Subset -- Fast Car (2021)
We Are The Union -- Fresh Fruit For Rotting Punk Rock Stars (2021)

Curt Florczak -- Dead Letter box (2021)
The Velvet Starlings -- Before My Time Is Done(2021)
The Lovedays -- Stop! (2010)
Wellsprings Ltd. -- Ready Or Not(2021)
Phil Angotti -- The Lamp(2021)
Mystery Rose -- Gossip(2021)
The Armoires -- The Night I Heard A Scream(2021)
The Plutos -- Moonshake (2021)

Velvet Starlings cover of Stepping Stone by The Monkees

The Courettes - "Want You! Like a Cigarette"

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May 1, 2021

Modcast #479: Tasty Waves & Hot Licks

The tide is high and surf's up, it's time to wax your stick and hit the water. Got an ocean full of garage rock, punk rock, and surf rock.

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The Surf Punks -- Shark Attack (1982)
Emptifish -- Surfboard (1985)
Turbo AC's -- High By the Beach (2018)
Hellen Keller -- Surfin' With Steve and Idi Amin (1978)
Jim Basnight & The Moberlys -- Blood Beach (2000)
Los Tiki Phantoms -- Kalifornia (2006)
The Go-Go's -- Beatnik Beach (1981)
The Surfrajettes -- Undercover Secretary (2018)
The Surfites -- Tail Slide (2007)

Toy Dolls -- Wipeout (1985)
The Pandoras -- Haunted Beach Party (1984)
Barracudas -- The K.G.B. (Made A Man Out Of Me) (1981)
Lombego Surfers -- Spooky Surf (2018)
Hungry Onions -- Surf Bass (2018)
Dead Coast -- Mystic Rider (2013)
Dead Kampers -- Hawaii Five-0 (2020)
Agent Orange -- Miserlou (1981)
Hi-Fi Ramblers -- Baby It's You (2000)

The Surf Punks -- I Got Gas

Go-Go's - Beatnik Beach (Totally Go-Go's Live '81)