March 28, 2016

Modcast #354: March Modness

College basketball fever is sweeping the nation as it does every year about this time. March Madness is upon us and there is no cure, no vaccine, nothing but the just wait it out. With that in mind I thought I'd create my own mod bracket of great songs and see which one come out on top, voted on by you my dear listener. So, take a listen and then leave a comment letting me know which song you think should come out on top. No losers here, but still can only be one winner.

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Samuel S. Parkes -- What You Do In Your Own Time Is None Of Mine (2014)
John's Children -- Oh No (She Wouldn't Swallow) (1967)
The Troggs -- I Can't Control Myself (1966)
The Artwoods -- Smack Dab In The Middle (1965)
Bobby Bland -- Honey Child (1968)
Small Faces -- Hey Girl (1967)
Piney Gir -- Outta Sight (2011)
Monkeeman -- The A** Parade (2014)
Raglans -- Not Now (2014)
Ocean Color Scene -- Better Day (1997)
The Jeunes -- It's Alright (2008)
Jordan Allen -- Remembered (2014)
Makin' Time -- Nothing Else (2003)
The Style Council -- Speak Like A Child (1983)
Combine -- Dreams Come True (1985)
Secret Affair -- Don't Look Down Demo (2003)
The New Mastersounds -- Soul Sista (2014)
Viola Beach -- Like A Fool (2016)

Monkeeman -- Pressure

March 18, 2016

Modcast #353: All Ahead Full

A whole new mix of mod friendly music, with a little kick to it.

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The Last Shadow Puppets - My Little Red Book (Live) (2008)
Smooth Beans - All Power to the People (2012)
SkaFace - Wired Up (2012)
The Skints - This Town (2015)
Kid British - Rum Boys (2009)
Buster Shuffle - Naked (2014)
Kaiser Chiefs - Ruffians On Parade (2014)
Seaside Sons - Let Me Be (2015)
New Electric Ride - I Can't Help But Smile (2014)
The Broken Vinyl Club - Every Inch (2011)
The Fooley Mantras - Find The Key (2011)
Ordinary Boys - I'm Leaving You (And I'm Taking You With Me) (2015)
The Cherry Drops - Outta' Sight (2013)
The Most - She's Nuts (2015)
Squeeze - Cradle To The Grave (2015)

The Last Shadow Puppets -- Aviation (2016)

Scott Howells (ex Broken Vinyl Club) -- Worlds On Fire

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March 2, 2016

Modcast #352: Pleased To Meet Me, Album 1, Side 1, Track 1

Every story starts somewhere. In music, every band or artist has a first album, and every album has a side one. Or, at least they used to when LPs ruled the day. And every record had a side one, track one. So this week you're going to get a bunch of great bands very first introduction of themselves to you, the music loving public.

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The Classic Negroni
I like the bitterness that comes with the Campari, and I think it works best over ice rather than straight up. That being said I always use one giant ice cube for slow dilution and absolute chilling. Like diamonds, with ice bigger is always better.
1 oz. gin
1 oz. Campari
1 oz. sweet vermouth
On the rockes
Garnish: orange twist



Toy Dolls -- Dig That Crazy Groove Baby (1983)
Ramones -- Blitzkreig Bop (1976)
The Damned -- Neat Neat Neat (1977)
Sex Pistols -- Holidays In The Sun (1977)
Generation X -- From The Heart (1978)
X -- Your Phone's Off The Hook But You're Not (1980)
Black Flag -- Rise Above (1981)
Mod Fun -- I Can See (Everything) (1985)
The Odd Numbers -- Don't Bother Me (1990)
The Prisoners -- Better In Black (1982)
The Purple Hearts -- Jimmy (1980)
The Gents -- The Faker (1981)
Diodes -- Red Rubber Ball (1977)
The Risk -- Man Insane (1987)
The Undertones -- Family Entertainment (1979)

Generation X -- Your Generation

The Undertones -- Teenage Kicks