August 26, 2020

Modcast #460: Buy Or Beware

That's right I'm having a big ol' fire sale on great music and you had better buy into the proposition or beware the consequences, like missing out on some kick ass music.


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The View -- Underneath The Lights (2011)
Suave Martyrs -- Footsteps (2020)
Jordan Jones -- Be My Baby (2019)
Rick Hromadka -- Full Blown Freakout (2020)
The Lodger -- You Got Me Wrong (2006)
The Choosers -- Hanging Up On You (2013)
The Lash Outs --Get To Work (2016)

Herzog - Fiction Writers (2020)
Seahorses -- Love Is The Law (1997)
Theatre Royal -- TV Blind (2020)
The Eddies -- Together (2017)
Locksley -- One More Minute (2009)
Schizophonics -- The One I Want (2019)
The Images -- Lost In The Crowd (2016)
Graduate -- Acting My Age (1980) 

The View -- Superstar Tradesman  

Theatre Royal-Live At The Cavern - Part 2

Suave Martyrs - Man About Town

August 17, 2020

Modcast #459: In The Style Of

Long have groups mixed soul with jazz and pop, infusing it all with strings and horns, and often synthesizing throughout. Lots of mod and mod friendly bands have experimented with sophistipop over the years, ultimately paving the way for the acid jazz sound that we've all come to love. Here then are some from across the span of time of the modcast that have dabbled in such sophisticated songmanship.

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Animal Nightlife -- Native Boy (1983)
The Questions -- Bottom Line (1984)
Tracie Young -- The House That Jack Built  (1983)
Eggstone -- April And May (1997)
Nick Heyward -- When It Started To Begin (1983)
The Truth -- Exception Of Love (1985)
Cloudberry Jam -- Your Love (2005)
Paris Match -- I Want You To Want Me (2007)

Rhye -- Hymn (2018)
The Pearlfishers -- The Last Days Of September (2014)
The Big Sound Authority -- Soul Man (1985)
Danny Wilson -- Davy (1987)
The Pale Fountains -- The Norfolk Broads (2013)
Incognito -- Talkin' Loud (1993)
Shakatak -- The Blue Zone (2019)
Swing Out Sister -- Breakout (1987)

Animal Nighlife - Boys With The Best Intentions

Big Sound Authority -- (Call Me) Soul Man OGWT

The Pearlfishers: Love & Other Hopeless Things

August 7, 2020

Modcast #458: The Doctor Will See You Now

Are you feeling run down and unwell due to a lack of good music? Don't worry, Dr. suave here to prescribe the best medication for your condition. I'm proscribing two sets of perfectly mixed music which will have you rocking out in no time at all.


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The Total Rejection -- Drilling Holes Into The Sky (2020)
The Donkeys -- Listen To Your Radio (1981)
The Idolizers -- Golden Days (2020)
The Pretenders -- Hate For Sale (2020)
Pavid Vermin -- Throw Me In The Trash (2020)
The Maggots -- Go Away (2007)
Sweet Reaper -- Sidewalk Psycho (2020)
The Yum Yums -- Summertime Pop (2020)

Librarians With Hickeys (Feat. Lisa Mychols) -- That Time Is Now (2020)
Bad Moves -- Tides (2020)
Starbenders -- Hangin' On Tonight (2020)
Inspiral Carpets -- Generations (1992)
The Resonars -- Carrie Don't Care
Freddie Dilevi-- Let The Good Times Roll (2020)
Nick Lowe -- You Stabbed Me In The Front (1990)
The Targets -- Mods Dancam Sós (2019)