July 30, 2012

Check Out My Gig on Mod Soul Review

Hey check out the Mod Soul Review podcast, I'm guest hosting this week for epissode #35. I put together a show that includes some cool stuff from The Three O'Clock, Grady Tate, Larry Wald, The Corsairs, Paul Anka, Fitz & The Tantrums, The Plimsouls and The Untouchables. Listen in on Mixcloud.

July 22, 2012

Modcast #238: All That Jazz

I'm getting back to my roots, to modernism's roots, getting back into the jazz groove. Jazz was of course what the very first original mods of the late 50s and 60s first cut their teeth on. Modern jazz, became cool jazz became west coast jazz became hard bop. And so on. It was all jazz, and that's what the earliest mods were all about. So, this week's show is all about jazz as well.

Listen Now

Everything But The Girl -- Crabwalk (1985)
Nicola Conte -- Solo (2009)
Art Pepper -- Groovin High (1959)
The Style Council -- Dropping Bombs on the White House (1984)
Art Blakey -- No Hay Problema (1960)
Dexter Gordon -- Le Coiffeur (1965)
Miles Davis -- I Don't Wanna Be Kissed (By Anyone But You) (1957)
European Jazz Trio -- I Say A Little Prayer (2006)
Joey DeFrancesco -- Organ Grinder's Swing (1999)
James Taylor Quartet -- Lucky Jim (2011)
Trio Valore -- Return Of The Iron Monkey (2008)
The Nostalgia 77 Octet -- Chola (2007)

Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, feat. Lee Morgan -- Buhaina's Delight (1966)

July 17, 2012

From The Vaults: Modcast #212 Go For Soul

What is it about soul music that has captivated every mod since ... well, since the beginning of time? Or at least since the beginning of the 'rock' era. I guess mods like to dance, and truly there really isn't any better dancing music. Pop music dancing, I'm not talking any sort of stuff you have spend six weeks of lessons learning like tango or swing (a thing I've never done, but someday might thanks to Groupon). Nope I'm talking about the music plays, the notes hit your brain, and your toe begins to tap. For most mods the toe tap becomes a shoe shuffling, body spinning, eyes closed sort of religious experience. My wife knows what it looks like, though she associates it a bit more with gin and vodka than Sam and Dave. So be it. Point is mods love soul music. And I think it's because it makes us dance. Maybe we gotta dance because it's in our genes. Or at least in our blood, thank you pharmaceuticals of all sorts. No matter. When the sound is right you gotta go for soul.

Listen Now
  • Jackie Wilson & Count Basie -- Uptight (1968)
  • Bill Cosby & The Watts 103rd St. Rhythm Band -- Funky North Philly (1968)
  • Jimmy Lynch -- Let A Woman Be a Woman and a Man Be a Man (1961)
  • Sir Joe Quartermain & Free Soul -- I Got So Much Trouble On My Mind (1974)
  • Chico & Buddy -- Can You Dig It (1969?)
  • Black on White Affair -- Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother (197?)
  • Eddie Jefferson -- Filthy McNasty (1968)
  • Ray Barretto -- New York Soul (1968)
  • J.J. Jackson -- But It's Alright (1966)
  • The Equals -- Police On My Back (1966)
  • Gloria Jones -- Tainted Love (1964)
  • PP Arnold w/The Small Faces -- If You Think You're Groovy (1967)
  • Barbara Lynn -- Movin' On A Groove (1976)
  • Gospel Classics -- More Love (1968)
  • Smokey Robinson & The Miracles -- Gotta Dance To Keep From Crying (1963)
  • The Countdown Five -- Shake Shake Na Na (1969)
  • William Bell -- Just As I Thought (1963)
  • Marvin Gaye -- You're A Wonderful One (1964)

P.P. Arnold - The First Cut Is The Deepest (live 1967)

< br /> The Equals - Baby Come Back

July 11, 2012

From The Vaults: Modcasts #27 & #28 (2007)

Modcast #27: Coming Tuesday I feel Better

Here's a special bonus episode of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World, featuring songs about the days of the week. Enjoy, and I'll have a new episode for you right away.

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Modcast #28: Just What I Needed

On this episode of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World a great slate of power pop from the sixties to just about now. Enjoy. Questions? E-mail me at rob@mistersuave.com.

July 9, 2012

It's a rat. No it's a hat. No it's ... named after a Martini?

He can't climb stairs, but he likes to bite feet and is practicing for a tug-a-war marathon. He's only 10 weeks old and already a hit with the ladies. He's a Gemini, let's meet Gibson:
(No I didn't name him. Yes he's named after the martini. What are the odds right?)

July 4, 2012

Modcast #237: Soul So Right (feat. my blatant Swing Out Sister begging)

Welcome to Modcast #237 with a whole lotta soul, and in which your humble host resorts to naked, blatant begging. That's right, because among the gems on the show this week from Dilouya, Indigo Jam Unit, and Amy Winehouse, there is a track by none other than that most excellent of acts, Swing Out Sister. And if by some lucky chance Ms. Corrine or Mr. Andy is listening, I'm begging you, please, please, please come to Seattle. I'd do anything to see you live here in the Emerald City. What do we have to offer? Hmmm. Well there is the grimy little place in the Market that makes the most delightful fresh and tiny donuts. Oh yeah, and there's the new "Great Wheel" ferris wheel on the waterfront. Sure at about half the size it's no London Eye, but how far can you see on a cloudy day anyhow? If you come August 7th you can celebrate summer. If you come any other day of the year you can get away from the heat and cool off in our moss-inducing drizzle. We have dogs -- more dogs than children at one point. We have the bartender who won the national cocktail contest by creating a martini with bacon and chocolate. I'll bet that goes damn good with the tiny donuts. Anyhow, as you can see there are lots of reasons to come to Seattle. Perhaps one of them will speak volumes to Swing Out Sister and then we can hear them live with the volume where it should be.

Listen Now

Johnny Jones & The King Kasuals -- Purple Haze (1966)
Dilouya -- The Way It Goes feat. Sandra Nkake & John Turrell (2012)
Indigo Jam Unit --The One Who Needs You feat. Alicia Saldenha (2011)
Koop -- I See A Different You (2006)
Lettuce -- Do It Like You Do (2012)
Van Morrison & Georgie Fame -- Your Mind Is On Vacation (1995)
The Stylistics -- You'll Never Get To Heaven (If You Break My Heart) (1973)
Amy Winehouse -- Valerie (68 Version) (2011)
Adele -- Rolling In The Deep (2011)
Swing Out Sister -- I'd Be Happy (2008)
The Spinshots -- Shake Off The Past (2011)

Dilouya feat. N'dea Davenport - Right Time

Lettuce -- Do It Like You Do (Live at The Brooklyn Bowl)