The Mod Essentials

One of the things which has impressed me most in life was the mod movement in England, which was an incredible, youthful thing." -- Pete Townshend, The Who, 1968

Modcast #101: Mod Essentials - In The Beginning (August 2008)
Recently a friend --we'll call him Minnesota Mark -- asked me what mod is. More than that, he asked if I could put together a short playlist of the best mod songs. And you know, I was blown away by how difficult a task that turned out to be. -More-

Modcast #125: Mod Essentials II - The Revival (January 2010)
From 1977 to 1981 mod was reborn in the UK, which sparked mod revivals around the world. For a few glorious years the energy and angst of punk was wed to the rhythm of soul, the pulse of power pop, and the fashions of the sixties. -More-

Modcast #191: Mod Essentials III - The Britpop Invasion (February 2011)
In the early 90s American music ruled the airwaves internationally. Seattle had spawned the angrily apathetic punk-metal hybrid that was grunge, and the slacker sound had rolled right round the world. For every action there is a reaction. Britpop was that reaction. -More-