September 18, 2022

Modcast #521: Sounds Alive

Modcast #521 Sounds AliveSummer is dead. Long live fall. And long live good music. Got lots of great new music from lots of cool bands on this modcast. Sit back, relax, and let the sounds breathe new life into your ears.

Listen Now

The Fabulous Heydays -- Cut From A Different Cloth (2021)
Reptalians -- I Feel Fine (2022)
South Croyden -- She Likes It Like That (2022)
Karen -- Leave This Town (2022)
Librarians With Hickeys -- I Better Get Home (2022)
The Happy Somethings -- Not In This Life (2022)
Janelane -- Another Drug (2022)
The Young Hasselhoffs -- Quiet (2022)
The Airport 77s -- One Good Thing About Summer (2022)
Muck & The Mires -- Beat Revolution (2022)
The Legendary Swagger -- One And Done (2022)
Sandy Dish -- Conspiracy Mum (2022)
Thick -- Happiness (2022)
R.M.F.C. -- Access (2022)
Mad Mojo Jett -- Hard To Be Broken (2022)
The Smithereens -- Out Of This World (2022)

Bonus Third Set

Roxx Revolt & the Velvets - Supersonica Girl

Martha - Baby, Does Your Heart Sink?

Mad Mojo Jett - Missing Stairs

Thick - Tell Myself

Stars Like Ours - High

The Shook Ups - Burden On Me

The Figgs - Hot Vice

The Figgs - Favorite Shirt & Wasted Pretty

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September 5, 2022

Modcast #520: Blue-Skied Soul

modcast 520 blue-skied soulI'm back! That's right modcast lovers, like it or not I am back after a slightly longer vacation than usual. Just like Richard Milhouse Nixon, I'm tanned, rested and ready. So, naturally I flashback to 1968 when music was being mixed into new shapes and forms, often by older stars who were desperate to stay relevant. But also by up and comers looking to hit it big with a sort of bubblegum pop aimed at teens and their rapidly expanding wallets.

So you get some pretty cool, and pretty interesting music in the roughly five year period of '67 to '71. Much of that was America's easy, breezy version of blue-eyed soul. Known as sunshine pop, I've always said it could just as easily been called blue-skied soul as it was so tied to California blue skies, with bits of soul, psych and folk mixed in with a sort of sun and fun vibe.

Listen Now

Avant Garde -- Naturally Stoned (1968)
Millennium -- Sing To Me (1968)
The Cyrkle -- Squeeze Play (1970)
Strawberry Alarm Clock -- Sit With The Guru (1968)
The Yellow Balloon -- Can't Get Enough Of Your Love (1968)
The Fun And Games -- The Grooviest Girl In The World (1968)
Status Cymbal -- Lovin' Day (1967)
Carole King -- It's Too late (1971)
Harumi -- Hunters Of Heaven (1968)

Sonny & Cher -- In Case You're In Love (1967)
The Nazz -- Not Wrong In Love (1969)
The Five Americans -- Sound Of Love (1967)
The Grass Roots -- Temptation Eyes (1969)
American Breed -- Cool It (We're Not Alone) (1969)
The Alan Copeland Singers -- You're More Fun (1969)
Jack Jones -- Pretty, For Me (1968)
Nancy & Frank Sinatra -- Life Is A Trippy Thing (1971)
The 5th Dimension -- One Less Bell To Answer (1970)

Bonus Third Set
The Young Generation - Pretty For Me

The Partridge Family - Let The Good Times In

Freda Payne - Band Of Gold

Chicago Transit Authority - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is

The Turtles - Guide For The Married Man

The Carpenters - They Long To Be (Close To You)

Three Dog Night - Mama Told Me Not To Come