March 24, 2021

Modcast #475: Time Won't Let Me

From old school to new cool the latest modcast is packed with great music of the power pop, garage rock, mod friendly variety. Plus Dean Hoth from The Eddies drops in to talk about the band's new album and upcoming projects.

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Grenadiers UK -- Ace Face (2021)
The Eddies -- Can I Be With You (2020)
Four By Art -- Just Feelin' Alright (1986)
Modest Proposal -- Nobody Says No (1985)
The Outnumbered -- I Feel So Sorry Now (1986)
The Smithereens -- Time Won't Let Me (1991)
The Piranhas -- Fiddling While Babylon Burns (1980)

The Pre-Amps -- Hard To Say (2021)
Beebe Gallini -- Busy Izzy (2021)
Pale Lips -- You're A Doll (2019)
The Happy Fits -- Go Dumb (2020)
The Krayolas -- All I Do Is Try (2007/20221)
French Boutik - Mamma We're All Crazee Now (2021)

The Pre-Amps - With My Baby

March 14, 2021

Modcast #474: For your Listening Pleasure

 Great line up for this go around with a little bit of everything from some soul to ska to psych-pop to garage rock.

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The Eddies -- Show Me (2020)
The False Positives -- Closed Circuit TV Romance (2020)
Paul Messis -- Please Don't Tell Me Why (2020)
Chris Church -- Learn (2021)
Popular Creeps -- Split Decision (2021)
Supertonic Sound Club - Let's Get Arrested (2020)
Bhopal's Flowers -- When The Sinner Becomes A Saint (Then The Devil Bleeds) (2021)
Exploding Flowers -- Amongst The Burnt Out Stars (2020)

Joystick -- Parellelograms (2021)
Kill Lincoln -- Civil Surgery (2020)
Block 33 -- High Street Blues (2020)
(Music Venue Trust)
French Girls -- Crazy Yo! (2013)
Candy Smokes -- Ya Ya Ya (2021)
The Jack Cades -- Where To Go (2020)
The Mudd Club -- Bored To Death (2021)
David Newton and Thee Mighty Angels -- The Songs That Changed Our Lives (Feat. Eddie Argos) (2021)

The Mudd Club - Bottle Blonde

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March 6, 2021

Modcast #473: Look Sharp with guest Oliver Orton

I'm joined this week by Sharp Class (formerly Subculture) frontman, mod singer and songwriter, Oliver Orton. Listen as we discuss the band's names, their latest single, their videos, some of Oliver's fave songs and more.

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Sharp Class -- Ready To Go
Sharp Class -- Gimme Some Lovin
The Kinks -- Waterloo Sunset
Shirley Ellis -- Soul Time
The Jam --Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?
Oliver Orton -- Days
Subculture (Sharp Class) -- Young
Subculture (Sharp Class) -- Sound of Truth

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Subculture (Sharp Class) --  Kids Don't Dance