July 29, 2021

Modcast #488: Play 'Em Again Suave

We're just a little past the half way mark for this year and already it's shaping up to be a great one as far as new music goes. A lot of music rumbles through my ears, and lately these are the artists who are in heavy rotation here at Suave headquarters. There are definitely some solid contenders for my annual best of list at the end of the year. These are acts I've already hyped this year, but the music is so good I decided I'd better play 'em again.

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Vista Blue -- Back To The Summer Olymics (2021)
Local Drags -- Give A Shit Anyway (2021)
Sharp Class -- Living For Kicks (2021)
The Speedways -- 11th Street Kids (2021)
Pavid Vermin -- Take Me To Your Leader (2020)
Geoff Palmer -- Tomorrow (2021)
The Peppermint Kicks --The Morning Girls (2021)
Star Collector -- Rip It Off (2021)

Emma Noble -- No Turning Back (2021)
Danny Laj And The Looks -- Smoke In The Sun (2021)
The Lovedays -- Your Money Or Your Life (2010)
The Pre-Amps -- With My Baby (2021)
The Checkered Hearts -- Happy Hour (2021)
The Lodger -- I Think I'll Start Again (2021)
The Chelsea Curve -- A Better Way (2021)
Rich Arithmetic -- Saving Sunset (2021)

Local Drags - Think Straight

Men Of North Country- Titanic

Strange World - Official Video

The Sha La La's - Carpenter Of Love

Justine and The Unclean - Rock and Roll Blackmail

Bad Nerves - Radio Punk

The Hot Sprockets - Soul Brother

L.A. Exes - Skinny Dipping

July 17, 2021

Modcast #487: Here Comes The Ice Cream Man

Modcast #487

Ages ago I discovered this great blog (yes blog!) called Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More. It was highlighting all the exact types of music that I loved. Eventually that morphed into the fantastic Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Podcast and Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Records, run by the even more fantastic, prince of power pop promotion, Wayne Lundqvist Ford. I'd be shocked --shocked I tell you-- if you could find anyone who has done more to promote independent artists playing all the great types of mod friendly music from power pop to northern soul and everything in between. His compilations featuring new and old bands are legendary for breaking new sounds as well as sometime being so vast you're riding high for weeks listening to them all.

So, I invited him to chat about new music, old music, what is good music, and more. He even kindly brought some brand new tunes to share with us all.

Where's Wayne at? Well, like Roy Kent he's here, he's there, he's every f*cking where.
Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Podcast (Podomatic)
Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More Records (Bandcamp)
Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More (Facebook)
Ice Cream Man Power Pop & More (Twitter)

BTW: Wayne guest hosted a couple of modcasts back in the day, one of which has even survived into the present: Modcast #276: With Guest Host The Ice Cream Man.

Listen Now

The Shambles -- It's A Mod Mod World (2006)
ANC4 -- Is It Me Again (2021)
Mark And The Clouds -- You Wanna Put Me Down (2021)
The RU Handies -- Raining Teardrops (2021)
The Len Price 3 -- Sucking The Life Out Of Me (2017)
The Most -- Howl (2021)
Small Faces -- Hey Girl (1967)
Velvet Starlings -- Kids In Droves (2019)

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July 12, 2021

Modcast #486: Today's Hit Parade

Modcast 486 Today's Hit Parade

The sounds may cover the decades, but they're all now sounds from now bands. With nods to past eras aplenty, all of the band here are pumping out great, new music.

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Stephen's Ruin -- Tonight (2021)
Charlton Lane -- Gimme Gimme Gimme (2021)
The Only Things -- Head Down (2020)
Lannie Flowers -- Back Of A Car (2021) (Bandcamp)
Peppermint Kicks -- Hey Fanzine (2021)
The Checkered Hearts -- So Long, Maybe (2021)
Paul Groovy & The Pop Art Experience -- He's A Liar (2021)
Joe James & The Pariahs -- Abandon Ship (2021)

Channel Three -- Flat By The Sea (2021)
Cloud Eleven -- You Make Me Happy
Kelly Finnigan -- Smoking & Drinking (2021)
Kat Eaton -- The Joker (2021)
The JB Conspiracy -- Falling Down (2021)
The Action -- Radio Bar (2021)
Catbite -- Call Your Bluff (2021)

Pavid Vermin -- Take Me To Your Leader

Tommy Ray -- In Love Again

Dirty Sidewalks - With a Girl Like You

The Well Wishers - We Grow Up

The Dents - Mistreatment

Los Chicos -- I Don't Wanna Learn

The Yellowhead Project -- A Million Minds in Tune

The Short Fuses -- Rockford Getaway

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