July 31, 2015

Modcast #334: Spotlight on Brian Wilson

Summer is in full swing, even in Seattle. Though, in full disclosure this delightful ode to Mr. Wilson was crafted in warmer, sunnier, southerner climes. Namely that dried out husk of a region known as the Inland Empire of Southern California. In such a place you have to get your pleasure where you can. In this case it's a full dose of surf and sun inspired sixties pop sounds from Brian Wilson and Beach Boys and all collected, dusted off and spun up for you by two of The Shingles:regular guest host DJ Ken, and alternating summer special guest star Mike Simmons. Both are men of many talents not the least of which is knowing a good tune when they hear one. Slather on your cocoa butter and prepare to catch some rays.

Listen Now

01. Brian Wilson - This Beautiful Day
02. Beach Boys - Soulful Old Man Sunshine (3:27)
03. Beach Boys - Catch A Wave (2:08)
04. Beach Boys - The Warmth Of The Sun (3:03)
05. Beach Boys - Little Honda (1:54)
06. Vicki Korcher - Summer Moon
07. Beach Boys - In the Parkin' Lot (2:04)
08. Beach Boys - Girls On The Beach (2:25)
09. Beach Boys - Surfers Rule (2:37)
10. Beach Boys - Keep an Eye on Summer (2:24)
11. Beach Boys - Hawaii (2:00)
12. Beach Boys - Surfer Girl (2:27)
13. Beach Boys - County Fair (2:16)
14. Beach Boys - Lonely Sea (2:39)
15. Beach Boys - Do It Again (2:26)
16. Beach Boys - It's OK (Alternate Mix) (2:11)
17. Beach Boys - Isn't It Time (3:44)
18. Beach Boys - All Summer Long (2:09)
19. Beach Boys - And Your Dream Comes True (1:08)

July 20, 2015

Modcast #333: Time To Shake The Shack

Shake, rattle, bang your head. This is music that is meant to get your blood pumping. So, slam back a cold one and get off your fat backside and shake a tailfeather.

Listen Now

Les Grys-Grys -- Mighty Crazy (2015)
Pezband -- Hippy Hippy Shake (1978)
The Plimsouls -- Dizzy Miss Lizzy (1981)
The Dickies -- You Drive Me Ape (1978)
The Monkees -- Sweet Young Thing (1966)
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels -- Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (1967)
The Chocolate Watch Band -- Let's Talk About Girls (1967)
Count Five -- Peace Of Mind (1966)
The Electric Prunes -- Get Me To The World On Time (1967)
The Boys -- You Make Me Shake (1977)
Code Blue -- Other End Of Town (1980)
Continentals -- Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) (1979)
Lime Spiders -- Slave Girl (2005)
The Launderettes -- Porn Star (2002)
The Solarflares -- Valerie (2003)
Mickey & The Milkshakes -- Please Don't Tell Me Why (2005)
Social Distortion -- Pretty Thing (2000)

The Dickies on CPO Sharkey

The Electric Prunes -- I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (The Mike Douglas Show)