Mr. Suave's First Five Shows

Everything has a beginning, even the world's longest running modcast. Step into your wayback machine Mr. Peabody and dial up the first ever five episodes of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World from way back in 2006.

Modcast #1:The 80s Mod Scene
Welcome to episode one featuring a number of lesser known, but still fantastic, mod bands from the US in the 1980s.

Modcast #2: It's a Mod, Ska and even Garage Rock kinda World
Welcome to episode two again featuring a mix of various mod, and ska, bands from the the 1980s.

Modcast #3: In The Garage
Welcome to episode 3 featuring garage revival bands.

Modcast #4: Mod Progeny - What Hath We Wrought?
This week's episode features current mod/mod friendly bands. So, here are a few contemporary mod-ish tracks.

Modcast #5: It's The Powerpop Stupid
Welcome to episode #5 dedicated to powerpop. Powerpop has always had a starring role in the mod scene.