December 30, 2019

Modcast #441: Long Time Coming

Neal Augenstein from Modest Proposal drops into the captain's chair for this week's Modcast #441: Long Time Coming and brings a raft full of classic tracks to share. And, some news too. Modest Proposal is doing their first reunion show in over a decade, Sunday March 15th and along for the ride are their special guests from New York, Mod Fun. Here's the link for tickets and more info. Be sure to get tix soon as space is limited and these are going to go fast:

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The Records -- Starry Eyes
Purple Hearts -- My Life's a Jigsaw
Count 4 -- Silk Scarf's Knotted
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell -- Ain't No Mountain High Enough
The Truth -- Spread A Little Sunshine
The Lyres -- Don't Give It Up Now
The Defranco Family -- Heartbeat, It's A Lovebeat
The Times -- Big Painting
Generation X -- One Hundred Punks
Mod Fun -- I Am With You
The Mondays! -- Long Time Ago

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December 21, 2019

Modcast #440: Christmas Potluck Party

Are your merry bells ringing? They will be after you hear me and DJ Ken jingle our jangles at this year's modcast Christmas potluck party. We had a little of this and a lot of that, and threw together a hodge podge of Christmas music past and present.

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Gaspard Royant -- (C'mon Baby) It's Christmas Time!
The Connection -- Money Honey Baby
Nat Brower and the Power -- Coal
They Might Be Giants -- Santa's Beard
The Icicles -- Snowman Song
Joe Williams -- Winter Weather
Mel Torme -- Glow Worm
Louis Armstrong -- Zat You Santa Claus
The Beach Boys -- Christmas Day
Soupy Sales - Santa Claus is Surfin' to town
Angry Snowmans -- Hannukah
Los Straitjackets & Kaiser George -- Holiday Twist
She & Him -- Must Be Santa
Candybutchers -- Give Me A Second chance
Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings -- Just Another Christmas Song

Gaspard Royant & The Buns - Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

December 11, 2019

Santa's sack is bulging . . . with 19 past Christmas modcasts!

Season greetings from the vaults. Here are a few of the past Christmas shows that I've dug out of retirement and reposted for your listening pleasure. Please, please me by listening to them all. Check back occasionally as I'll be posting more as I uncover them.

Updated Sunday, Dec. 12, 2021

Modcast #469: Surviving Christmas (2020) Christmas in 2020 is like none other before it. This year it's all about remembering the before, getting through the the during, and hoping for the after. Feel good music is the perfect present for your ears. DJ Ken joins me in mixing before, during and after songs for your seasonal survival. Here's to next year! Listen now!
Modcast #440: Christmas Potluck Party (2019)
Are your merry bells ringing? They will be after you hear me and DJ Ken jingle our jangles at this year's modcast Christmas potluck party. We had a little of this and a lot of that, and threw together a hodge podge of Christmas music past and present. Listen Now!

Modcast #421: Blowin' Up Christmas (2018)
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and you know what that means. Time for another modcast office Christmas party. At past parties DJ Ken and I have thrown up on Christmas, been blown away by Christmas, blown off Christmas, but this year we're blowing up Christmas. Listen Now!

Modcast #399: Mr. Suave's Mod Tiki Christmast Extravaganza 2017
Another year, another Christmas modcast. The good tidings here are that at least this year we have a Christmas modcast! That's right I'm back with DJ Ken to bring you the yule you'll wish you could forget. It's tikirific! Listen now!

Modcast #398: Have Yourself A Mary Little Christmas
And now for something completely different. Well, okay, not completely different. The difference-maker this week is Mary Queen of Cosmos who is bringing her sleigh full of Christmas spirits to the modcast. Listen now!

Modcast #347: Christmas Extravaganza 2015
A damn good holiday show, if I do say so myself.
Listen now

Modcast #317: Mr. Suave's Christmas Office Party (2014)
DJ Ken from The Shingles joins me in queueing up a sleighfull of Christmas tracks.
Listen now

Modcast #288: Mr. Suave's 2013 Christmas Extravaganza
Another year, another Christmas office party. For this year's rat pack Christmas celebration, I'm joined again by my sometimes sober co-host DJ Ken from The Shingles. This year's extravaganza is strictly BYOB. You bring the spirits and we'll bring the cheer. Bottoms up! Listen now

Modcast #255: Mr. Suave's 2012 Christmas Extravaganza
Crazy, eclectic mix of tunes for the season including The Eels, She & Him, HB Radke, Eux Autres, Vince Guiraldi, Jigsaw Seen and lots more.
Listen now

Mr. Suave's 3rd Annual Christmas Modcast Extravaganza (2011)
Well, it is Christmas time even if it doesn't really seem like it around Suave HQ. Usually I'm fully into the Christmas spirit by this time of the season, but this year just hasn't done it for me. As will be evidenced by the somewhat ho-ho-humbug attitude of this year's annual Christmas modcast extravaganza. Back to share his despair is Ken from The Shingles. Sadly the show was lost in the great hard drive crash in the winter of 2012.
In breaking news the missing show has been found! Listen now.

Modcast #219: Power Chords, Harmonies and Mistleto
I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview my old friend Dean Hoth, who is the lead singer of power pop trio The Eddies. We talked not just about what the band is up to, but more importantly to discuss a new Christmas compilation that is the perfect gift for any and all power pop loving mods out there. Powerchords, Harmonies and Mistletoe. Not a full Christmas show, but in light of the loss of 2011's show, this will have to do. Listen now

Mr. Suave's 2nd Annual Swingin' Christmas Extravaganza
Merry Christmas kids. As always, I am joined by Ken from The Shingles for this year's big Christmas show, and it is big. We've got some nice new seasonal sounds from Pink Martini as well as classics from Sinatra and some cool stuff from Bob Francis, Jaymz Bee and more. Make sure your turkey is stuffed, your tree is trimmed, and your glass is full of Christmas cheer when you settle down to listen to this one. Listen now

Modcast #184: Mr. Suave's Mod Rockin' Christmas (2010)
A Christmas bonus! These are not your grandfather's Christmas songs, from Jimmy Severe and His Blue Christmas Boys to The Eels and The Cuban Mistletoe Crisis this hodgepodge of slightly different but cool yule sounds. Listen now

Modcast #150: Mr. Suave's 2009 Mod Christmas Extravaganza (AKA First Annual Swingin' Christmas Extravagana, Modcast Christmas Office Party)
No matter what the neighbors think, this is one cool and smooth modcast. I've enlisted Ken from The Shingles to join me in delivering a Christmas dozen -- that's 14 great songs. This is one holiday modcast that will go down in the history books with some great stuff from Miles Davis to The Very Foundation, from Farrah to Girl Trouble. It's all good, and it's all merry, and you're going to love it. Listen now

Mr. Suave's 2008 Christmas Modcast
It's time for the annual Christmas Modcast. This year's show is a cozy little combination of songs that go well with hot chocolate and peppermint schnapse. I've got a few seasonal surprises for you this year from The Shambles, The Wondermints, The Yobs, Girl Trouble and more. I'm sure you've all got a bunch of online shopping to do and I've got loads of Christmas cocktails to shake up, so on with the show. Listen now

The Modcast Invitationsls

Modcast #254: Mods' Christmas Faves (Original modcast invitational)
The first ever modcast invitational with The Bang, The Ice Cream Man, The School, Warren Peace and more.
Listen on Mixcloud

Modcast #287: Mr. Suave's 2nd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Light the lights, trim the tree, shake up some holiday concoctions and here from mod bands, bloggers, DJs from around the world as they share their fave tracks.
Listen now

Modcast #316: Mr. Suave's 3rd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Wherein I'm once again joined by the likes of Penny Lane, RAF, Paradise, Warren Peace, The Ice Cream Man and many more sharing their favorite seasonal sounds.
Listen on Mixcloud

Modcast #346: 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
This is the 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational. As I do each year I've sent out a decree to mod bands, DJs, bloggers, and podcasters that they present themselves for holiday inspection. Got a group of folks this year with some really great songs, a few classics, a couple of real gems. Inspector 12 says they passed with flying colors. Listen now

December 2, 2019

Modcast #439: Rock On!

This week's modcast rocks hard. It's a great collection of new tunes from garage to power pop and everything in between. Turn your speakers up to eleven.

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The Who -- All This Music Must Fade (2019)
Subculture -- Sound Of Truth (2019)
Acid -- Anything I Want (2018)
905s -- Sub Zero (2019)
The Muffs -- The Kids Have Gone Away (2019)
Miss June -- Best Girl (2019)
R├ąttanson -- Kiss This Year Goodbye (2019)
It's Karma It's Cool -- Hipsters And Aeroplanes (2019)
Jetstream Pony -- Not The One (2018)
The Persian Leaps -- Catnip For Cupid (2019)
Big Stir Records Fourth Wave Compilation coming Dec. 5th, $5 from each sale to benefit The Ed Asner Family Center
The Armoires -- Pushing Forty (2019)
The Gotham Rockets -- What's Done Is Done (2019)
ANC4 -- Winner (2019)
Sleeper -- Look At You Now (2019)
The See No Evils -- Hold On (2019)
Three One Oh -- I Want It (2018)

SubCulture - The Kids Don't Dance