January 23, 2010

New Modest Proposal live track from their reunion show

Here is a brand new unreleased track from Modest Proposal, recorded live at their reunion show in November. You might say this is the band's theme song, since it is titled "Modest Proposal".

Lead singer Neal Augentstein e-mailed me that:
It's the song "Modest Proposal" -- one of the first songs the band wrote in 1983, which was recorded and used on our first few cassette demo tapes, but was never (and still hasn't) been released on vinyl or CD. We stopped playing it fairly early on. Was last played live circa 1984.

This version was the song that opened our 25 year reunion show at Comet Ping Pong. This was recorded off the mixing board.
Nice way to open the show with a song about Jam shoes, scooters, and being a mod.

Modest Proposal -- Modest Proposal

And here's some cool photos from that show proving that Modest Proposal have what it takes to be rock stars.