November 30, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Modest Proposal

Modest Proposal's Neal Augentstein reports that the band's reunion show last week was packed out and a big success (though maybe not financially).
The sold-out crowd packed the small performance area even before openers, The Reply, took the stage. Many in the audience had seen the bands in the 1980s. Through the years many had fallen out of touch, but retained the commonality of being in D.C.'s mod music scene more than two decades ago.
His reports the past couple of months around the band's reunion have been fun to read and hopefully will inspire some other "old timers" to get back together as well.

Here's pretty cool video from the show. This is HD size and doesn't fit all that well in the blog, but you can watch it all on Youtube.

Modest Proposal -- Nobody Says No