November 13, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Libertines

If someone wants to make a modern rock movie filled with drama, tension and love/hate relationships then they need look no further than The Libertines. The band's history is classic rock and roll, one of sex, drugs and ... well, libertinism.

The sound is also classic -- classic Britpop with mod and punk overtones throughout. Both frontmen -- Pete Doherty and Carl Barat -- cite their biggest influences as The Jam and The Kinks, but also have pointed out that they were enamored of the '79 sound of The Buzzcocks and The Clash (indeed Mick Jones was their on again off again producer for both their albums). Clearly, the classic mod sounds of London were right at home with The Libertines. Theirs was a brasher, garagier, and often more swaggering sort of mod sound. It hearkened to days gone by, but pushed forward by modernizing the power pop guitarishness of 90s Britpop. The song here, "Time for Heroes" is quintessential Libertines -- a polished and professional sloppiness that only comes from great talent and great arrogance (and and most certianly some great drugs -- at least for Mr. Doherty). A couple of things that The Libertines never lacked.

The Libertines -- Time For Heroes

The Libertines -- Don't Look Back Into The Sun