November 3, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Elements

If you like your rock and roll courtesy of Bruce Springsteen then you'll like The Elements. They have that sort of down home rockin' vibe that seems to emenate so strongly from guys like Bruce, or John Cougar. But, this is rock with a touch of the goodness about it. It wallows in sixties influences, most especially the power chords that have defined serious rock and roll for nearly 40 years.

The Elements have all that going on and more. This is guitar powered rock, that borrows heavily from the classic power pop bands of bygone eras like The Who and Cheap Trick. There's a gritty blue-eyed soul that hints at a raw garage rock edge but never actually gets to that point. On the other end of the equation there is a definite power pop sound and structure, but one that the band doesn't seem to ever fully committ. Still, this is sharp stuff, especially the very Who like track "Caught in a Storm".

The Elements -- A Little Love

The Elements -- Caught In A Storm