April 22, 2020

Modcast #448: Best Laid Plans

You know the old saying, man plans and the gods laugh. Well they had a good chuckle when another planned modcast sort of crashed and burned. So with almost no time to prepare our old friend and sometime guest host, DJ Ken, partnered up with me to throw together a show on the fly, slapdash style. We spun up the relevant music machines and came up with a nice mix of tunes. Hopefully, we can rebuild the other show bigger, better, faster and showier.

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The Strypes -- [I need a break from] Holidays
Paul Weller -- I'm Where I Should Be
Galileo 7 -- Everything is Everything Else
Eli Paperboy Reed -- Lovers Compensation
ABC -- The Flames Of Desire
Weeklings -- Change Your Mind
Bram Tchaikovsy --STrange Man Change Man
Overtures -- Still On My Mind
Fratellis -- Sugartown
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio -- Concussion
Corduroy -- Clockwork man
The Chats -- Bus Money
Parquet courts -- Almost Had to start a fightin' and out of patience
Foxhall Stacks -- Turntable Exiles

Jerry Miller from The Untouchable's has been suffering from kidney failure and a friend put this Go Fund Me page together to help raise some much needed cash for his medical expenses. Check it out and help out if you can.

The Chats -- Nambored

The Overtures - Onceinaworld

April 14, 2020

Modcast #447: Kids Want Hits

It's not just the kids, everybody wants hits these days. So, here you go, some great, feel good music to get you through the day. Got lots of new tunes, as well as a few past classics. Enjoy.

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The Cudas -- Kids Want Hits (2019)
Subculture -- Break Me Free (2020)
The Incurables -- Glam (2019)
The Cycle Paths -- I'm In Trouble (2020)
The Spitfires -- (Just Won't) Keep Me Down (2020)
Vista Blue -- Emmaline is Quarantined (2020)
Teenage Fanclub -- Slow Fade (2005)
Addison Love -- Like The Beatles (2018)
Fountains Of Wayne -- The Summer Place (2011)
The Hannah Barberas -- No Mystery (2020)
Kid Gulliver -- Susie Survived Chemotherapy (2020)
DFactor Pop - Home Of The Brave (2020)
Tommy Ray -- Ain't No Use (2020)
Quincy -- A Get Well Card From The Devil (2020)
SA Renyers -- Sharp Reminders (2019)
Lucy & the Rats -- Dark Clouds (2020)
Cherry Parke -- All Around The Moon (2020)

Tommy Ray -- Ain't No Use