September 22, 2015

Modcast #339: Calling All Mods

Calling all mods. Come in mods. Get tuned in to a great modcast with power pop, soul, and ska all well represented this week.

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RAF Mod Band -- Want You To Know (2015)
The Spitfires -- Disciples (2015)
The Connection -- Pathetic Kind Of Man (2015)
The Pacifics -- Little Ruth (2015)
Leon Bridges -- Smooth Sailin' (2015)
Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott -- The Austerity of Love (2015)
Fay Hallam -- Arco (2015)
Belleruche -- Mirror In The Bathroom (2010)
The Selecter -- Open Goal (2015)
The Valkyrians -- Borstal Breakout (2011)
Lily Allen -- Friday Night (2007)
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra feat. Rico Rodriguez -- L.O.V.E. (2009)

Pacifics -- Say You Love Me

The Specials AKA & Rico -- Jungle Music

Leon Bridges - Coming Home

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September 8, 2015

Modcast #338: Moving In The Right Direction

Get up close and personal with the artists on this week's modcast, featuring great music spanning nearly 50 years.

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The Doors -- Peace Frog (1970)
Jefferson Airplane -- Plastic Fantastic Lover (1967)
The Guess Who -- It's My Pride (1966)
Spencer Davis Group -- Somebody Help Me (1966)
Mike Curb & Bob Summers -- Pot Party (1967)
Love Dimension -- Got Gratitude (2014)
The Seahorses -- Suicide Drive (1997)
Sloan -- I've Gotta Know (2011)
Marvelous Darlings -- Teenage Targets (2010)
Starjets -- 10 Years (1979)
The Five Faces -- Run, Run, Run (????)
Killermeters -- Midnight Breakfast Show (1997)
The Donuts -- She May Be Your Girl (1979)
The Quads -- There's Never Been A Night (1979)
The Reactions -- Don't Look Back (1986)
The Love-In -- Late As Usual (1987)

The Love Dimension -- Messenger of Love

The Seahorses -- Love Is The Law

Starjets -- War Stories

Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World Past 'Casts

August 30, 2015

Modcast #337: The Fall Classics

Fall is in the air. Damn, seems like only last week I was doing a dog-days-of-summer soundtrack. Welcome to the changing of the seasons modcast. It's time for fall classics, so I've compiled a whole bunch of what I call fall classics for you, as well as paying homage to the fall classic which is going to sneak up on us pretty quickly now. So grab your glove, put on your rally caps because we're going out to the ball game, right after some brand new music.

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Pelicans and their Allies -- Just Like July (2015)
The Corner Laughers -- Octavia A (2015)
Paul Weller -- I'm Where I Should Be (2015)
Joe Jackson -- A Little Smile (2015)
The Young Evils -- Touch Tone Lovers (2012)
The Tea Cozies -- Dead Man's Sister (2011)
Vista Blue -- We're Outta The Pennant Race (2015)
The Baseball Project -- Panda And The Freak (2011)
New Marines -- I Like Baseball (1980)
Albert Jones -- Vida Blue (1971)
Jimmy Bee -- Vida Blue Pt. 1 (1971)
The Intruders -- Love Is Like A Baseball Game (1968)
Sam & Dave -- Knock It Outta The Park (1970)
The Corner Laughers -- I'd Rather Count Comorants With You (2012)

The Young Evils -- Renegades

August 21, 2015

Modcast #336: Catch The Beat

Another week another modcast. It's been a sunny, sultry, and unseasonably warm summer here in Seattle. The dog days of summer are indeed upon us, and now you've got a soundtrack to go with it. So, catch some rays, catch some cocktails, and catch the beat.

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Long Island Iced Tea
(Officially sanctioned summer libation of this modcast.)
1 part vodka
1 part tequila
1 part rum
1 part gin
1 part triple sec
1 1/2 parts sweet and sour mix
Pour over ice, fill rest of glass with Coca-Cola.

Sick Sad World -- Alone All The Time (2015) (bandcamp)
Universals -- Hey You (1967)
The Herd -- This Boy's Always Been True (1966)
Sammy Davis Jr. -- You Can Count On Me (1976)
Christopher Gunning & The Peddlers -- Tell The World We're Not In (1971)
The Mike Cotton Sound -- Make Up Your Mind (1964)
Summer Fiction -- Dirty Blonde ( 2014) (bandcamp)
Pretty Cartel -- Diamonds & Rainbows (2013) (bandcamp)
Young Ladies -- The Time (2014) (bandcamp)
Dirty Fences -- White Lies (2015)
The Strypes -- Now She's Gone (Live) (2015)
Muck & The Mires -- Cheating Yourself (2014)
Roy Loney & The Phantom Movers -- Born To Be Your Fool (1979)
Come Ons -- What's A Girl To Do? (2000)
The E-Types -- Well Enough Alone (1993)
Madness -- On The Beat Pete (1980)

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Summer Fiction -- Chandeliers

Dirty Fences -- Judy (Don't Go)

Days Gone Bye -- Pretty Cartel

Doreen -- Muck and the Mires

August 10, 2015

Modcast #335: Tiki Oasis 2015 Yesterday's Future, Today! (The Unofficial Mix)

It's tiki time on the modcast and Ken from the Shingles has put together a terrific soundtrack for this year's Tiki Oasis. If you're going to be at Tiki Oasis look us up. We'll be the drunk guys in the bushes probably.

Listen Now

01. Man or Astro-Man? - Jetson's Theme (Intravenuos Television Continuum, 1999)
02. Tornados - Telstar (Single, 1962)
03. Addy Flor Orchestra - Chica Do Verão (Mission to Mars Mix) (Proud To Present, 1970)
04. Bob Crewe & Charles Fox - Barbarella (Barbarella Original Motion Picture Soundtrack, 1968)
05. Clouseaux - The Kitchen of Tomorrow (Beyond Good and Evil, 2006)
06. Ding Dong Devils - Twistin' Spacemen Of Rapa Nui (Space Fezcapade, 2014)
07. Perrey & Kingsley - Swan's Splashdown (The in Sound From Way Out!, 1966)
08. Les Baxter & His Orchestra - Saturday Night on Saturn (Space Escapade, 1958)
09. Tikiyaki Orchestra - Mai Tais On The Moon (Stereoexotique, 2007)
10. Russ Garcia - Lost Souls of Saturn (Fantastica, 1959)
11. 101 Strings - Astral Freakout (2:59)
12. Chocolate Watch Band - Expo 2000 (2:42)
13. Stereophonic Space Sound Unlimited - Theme From Stella Interstellar (Astro Sounds From Beyond The Year 2000, 1968)
14. Mel Henke - Woman In Space (La Dolce Henke, 1962)
15. Project: Pimento - Star Trek (Magical Moods of the Theremin, 2003)
16. Leonard Nimoy - Highly Illogical (Mr. Spock's Music From Outer Space, 1967)
17. Lorraine Bowen Experience - Space (Music To Watch Comets By : Compiled By The Gentle People, 1997)
18. Dana Countryman - Cocktails In Space (Two Zombies Later, 2003)
19. Walter Wanderley - Song of the Jet [Sambo Do Aviao] (Samba So!, 1967)
20. Dick Dale - Space Mountain (Disney Park Audio, 1996)
21. Davie Allan & The Arrows - Our Favorite Martian (Delphonic Sounds Today: Del-Fi Does Del-Fi, 1999)
22. Phenomenauts - Where Is the X-38? (Re-Entry, 2004)
23. Space Cadets - We Are The Space Cadets (Astrobilly Rockin`, 1996)
24. Kaiser George & Los Straitjackets - Twistin' Out in Space (Twist Party!!!, 2006)
25. Symarrip - Skinhead Moonstomp (Single, 1969)
26. David Bowie - Space Oddity? (David Bowie, 1969)
27. Frank Sinatra - Fly Me To The Moon (It Might As Well Be Swing, 1964)
28. Rex Allen - There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow (Walt Disney's Carousel of Progress, 1964)

July 31, 2015

Modcast #334: Spotlight on Brian Wilson

Summer is in full swing, even in Seattle. Though, in full disclosure this delightful ode to Mr. Wilson was crafted in warmer, sunnier, southerner climes. Namely that dried out husk of a region known as the Inland Empire of Southern California. In such a place you have to get your pleasure where you can. In this case it's a full dose of surf and sun inspired sixties pop sounds from Brian Wilson and Beach Boys and all collected, dusted off and spun up for you by two of The Shingles:regular guest host DJ Ken, and alternating summer special guest star Mike Simmons. Both are men of many talents not the least of which is knowing a good tune when they hear one. Slather on your cocoa butter and prepare to catch some rays.

Listen Now

01. Brian Wilson - This Beautiful Day
02. Beach Boys - Soulful Old Man Sunshine (3:27)
03. Beach Boys - Catch A Wave (2:08)
04. Beach Boys - The Warmth Of The Sun (3:03)
05. Beach Boys - Little Honda (1:54)
06. Vicki Korcher - Summer Moon
07. Beach Boys - In the Parkin' Lot (2:04)
08. Beach Boys - Girls On The Beach (2:25)
09. Beach Boys - Surfers Rule (2:37)
10. Beach Boys - Keep an Eye on Summer (2:24)
11. Beach Boys - Hawaii (2:00)
12. Beach Boys - Surfer Girl (2:27)
13. Beach Boys - County Fair (2:16)
14. Beach Boys - Lonely Sea (2:39)
15. Beach Boys - Do It Again (2:26)
16. Beach Boys - It's OK (Alternate Mix) (2:11)
17. Beach Boys - Isn't It Time (3:44)
18. Beach Boys - All Summer Long (2:09)
19. Beach Boys - And Your Dream Comes True (1:08)

July 20, 2015

Modcast #333: Time To Shake The Shack

Shake, rattle, bang your head. This is music that is meant to get your blood pumping. So, slam back a cold one and get off your fat backside and shake a tailfeather.

Listen Now

Les Grys-Grys -- Mighty Crazy (2015)
Pezband -- Hippy Hippy Shake (1978)
The Plimsouls -- Dizzy Miss Lizzy (1981)
The Dickies -- You Drive Me Ape (1978)
The Monkees -- Sweet Young Thing (1966)
Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels -- Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On (1967)
The Chocolate Watch Band -- Let's Talk About Girls (1967)
Count Five -- Peace Of Mind (1966)
The Electric Prunes -- Get Me To The World On Time (1967)
The Boys -- You Make Me Shake (1977)
Code Blue -- Other End Of Town (1980)
Continentals -- Fizz Pop (Modern Rock) (1979)
Lime Spiders -- Slave Girl (2005)
The Launderettes -- Porn Star (2002)
The Solarflares -- Valerie (2003)
Mickey & The Milkshakes -- Please Don't Tell Me Why (2005)
Social Distortion -- Pretty Thing (2000)

The Dickies on CPO Sharkey

The Electric Prunes -- I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night (The Mike Douglas Show)

June 29, 2015

Modcast #332: Are You Feeling Lucky?

The stakes are high but lucky for you I've spun up such a combination for this week's modcast that there's no way you can lose. Get your bets down now.

Listen Now

Steve Ellis & Cow -- Up (2015)
Darondo -- Do You Really Love Me
Mayer Hawthorne -- Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (2009)
Mario Biondi -- All Of My Life (2015)
Aztec Camera -- Obvious (1983)
Truth -- Exception of Love (1984)
Dream Academy -- Life In A Northern Town (1985)
The Popguns -- Lovejunky (2014)
The Broken Vinyl Club -- Day Too Long (2011)
The Judes -- New Wave Girl (2014)
Mod Fun -- I Believe (1986)
Kurt Baker -- Can't Have Her Back (2011)
Paul Collins Beat -- Falling In Love (2009)
Warm Soda -- I Wann Go Fast (2015)

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Darondo - Wish You Was Here

Darondo - Penthouse Letters

June 18, 2015

Modcast #331: Sweet Smell O' Success

Got a great lineup for you on this episode of the mod, mod world. Like a blast from the past one of the most primal garage rock combos of all time has just dropped a new album like a bomb and shaken up the whole garage rock world, The Sonics are back with all new music. More than that there's some brand new ska sounds, as well as a few old ska tracks, some great power pop, and the ubiquitous more. So crack open a cold one and get to listenin'.

Listen Now

The Sonics -- I Got Your Number (2015)
The Selecter -- Box Fresh (2015)
The Army -- Trendy (1981)
DB Cohen -- Rockahula (2013)
Jamie T -- Man Not A Monster (2009)
Ska City Rockers -- You Don't Know Like I Know (1980)
Heavyball -- Black Eye Friday (2014)
The Motion -- Run For Your Life (2014)
The Woody Peakers -- She's Going On (1988)
The Pooh Sticks -- Radio Ready (1990)
Young Ladies -- Without You (2014)
Muscle Souls -- Love My Baby's Love (2014)
The Hot Sprockets -- Soul Brother (2014)
Tim Rogers & The Bamboos -- S.U.C.C.E.S.S. (2015)
Edsilia Rombley -- Sweet Soul Music
Cloudberry Jam -- Growing Up In The 80s (2015)

Heavyball -- Smalltown Boy

Young Ladies -- Head Back Home

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June 8, 2015

Modcast #330: Get Hip To The Good Bit

At long last I'm back with a new modcast, and it's better than ever. All new music for you this week from blistering R&B to soul scorchers. Don't be afraid to get hip to the good bit.

Listen Now

5FT Fez -- Watch Me Fall (2015)
The Inciters -- Just A Little More (2015)
The Mighty Sceptres -- Just Didn't Mean It (2015)
Paul Weller -- Phoenix (2015)
Black Noire -- Deadly Silence (2015)
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds -- Lock All The Doors (2015)
The Strypes -- Eighty-four (2015)
The Corner Laughers -- Fairytale Tourist (2015)
Courtney Barnett -- Elevtor Operator (2015)
FFS -- Piss Off (2015)
The Kubricks -- Ghosts (2015)
Tarzan Bros. -- Keep Us Alive (2014)
The Skints -- My War (2015)
Squire -- Eight Miles High (2015)

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The Kubricks - Self-Help Wannabe

The Skints - Rise Up

May 21, 2015

Modcast #329: 9th Anniversary Special & Tribute to Mad Men

Hard to believe it's been almost a decade since the first modcast away back in May of 2006! The world is a smaller place than it was when I kicked this thing off, and I like to think a better place because of it. Joining me to celebrate and commiserate the end of Mad Men is frequent mod world guest host Ken from The Shingles.

Got a really big show for you this week, in fact this is by far the longest modcast in the show's entire nine year run. But it's okay because this whole show is focused on mid-century music in the tradition of Mad Men. Few programs have ever used music so effectively as Matt Weiner did on Mad Men. The music did more than just date the show. It was more than period piece set decoration. The music on Mad Men was like a whole other character with all the emotion and plot direction that goes with such.

Not all the songs here were featured on the show, though quite a few of them were. But they are definitely songs you could have imagined, and maybe wished had been on the show.

Listen Now

Henry Mancini -- Breakfast At Tiffany's (1961)
Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll -- Don't Do It No More (1967)
Petula Clark - I Know a Place (Season 4, episode 9, The Beautiful Girls)
Frank Sinatra & Count Basie -- More (1964)
Me & My Gin -- Dinah Washington (1958)
Nashville Teens - Tobacco Road (Season 4, episode 1, Public Relations)
Tom Jones -- Promise Her Anything (1966)
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Casino Royal Theme (Main Title) (Season 5, episode 13, The Phantom)
Serge Gainsbourg & Brigitte Bardot - Bonnie and Clyde (Season 6, episode 4, To Have and to Hold)
Gillian Hills - Zou Zou Bisou (Season 5, episode 1–2, A Little Kiss)
Dusty Springfield - You Don't Have to Say You Love Me (Season 5, episode 1–2, A Little Kiss)
Nancy Sinatra -- I Gotta Get Out Of This Town (1967)
Martin Denny - Misirlou (Season 2, Episode 11, The Jet Set)
Beatles - Tomorrow Never Knows (Season 5, episode 8, Lady Lazarus)
Zombies - This Will Be Our Year (Season 7, episode 2, A Day's Work)
Judy Collins - Both Sides Now (Season 6, episode 13, In Care Of)
Beach Boys - I Just Wasn't Made for These Times (Season 5, episode 6, Far Away Places)

One of my favorite scenes from the first season of Mad Men:

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