April 12, 2014

Modcast #297: The Weekend Starts Now

Weekends make life worth living, and this modcast is going to make your weekend that much better. I've got lots of brand new music for you, as well as some older and deeper cuts. Start living better by listening now!

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The Rifles -- Under And Over (2014)
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings -- Stranger To My Happiness (2014)
Nick Pride & The Pimptones -- Take Care Of My Love (2014)
The Allergies -- Special People (2014)
The Zags -- Tatoo (2014)
The Men -- BBQ (2014)
The Idle Gossip -- All I Wanna Do Is Dance (2014)
Paradise -- Pictures Of Matchstick Men (2014)
Spearmint -- Isn't It Great To Be Alive (1999)
The Red Button -- Gonna Make You Mine (2007)
Oasis -- She Is Love (2002)
Slim Gaillard -- Selling Out (1986)
The James Taylor Quartet -- Good Thing (2006)
The Fratellis -- Whisky Saga (2013)
The Offspring -- One Hundred Punks (200?)

"It's a Love Thing" Live Session - Nick Pride & The Pimptones featuring Beth Macari

The Idle Gossip - On My Way

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April 3, 2014

Modcast #296: The Swingin' Sound of Carnaby Street

Carnaby Street in the 1960s was the fashion, style and musical center of the universe; and where mod made its most artistic impact. The bands of the British invasion were the kings of Carnaby Street, The Who, The Beatles, The Kinks, Small Faces, all of them were there. You know all of them. But there was another similar sound.
It was the swinging sound of sixties London. It spawned an entire style of music that was easy listening, soulful, swinging, jazzy, cinematic; in short lounge music for lack of another genre moniker. That Carnaby sound was the inspiration for this week's show. I hope you're feeling groovy, baby.

Listen Now

The John Schroeder Orchestra -- Agent Double-0-Soul (1966)
Low Fidelity Jet Set Orchestra -- Groovy Motion (2009)
The James Taylor Quartet -- Music To Watch Girls By (1997)
Corduroy -- Follow That Arab (1996)
Les Humphries Singers -- Mandrake (1969)
Stan Getz -- Marrakesh Express (1971)
Alessandro Alessandroni -- Spyscrapers (1977)
Roy Budd -- Getting Nowhere In A Hurry (1971)
Gert Wilden & Orchestra -- Beach Party (197?)
The Leading Figures -- Artistry in Ryhthm (1967)
John Barry -- Beat Girl (1961)
Pete Moore -- Catwalk  (1970)
Piero Umiliani -- Notte In Algeria (1963)
Garry Blake & His Orchestra -- Do It Again (1968)
David Holmes -- Trapdoor Man (2007)
Johnny Lytle Trio -- The Village Caller (1963)

Gert Wilden -- I Told You Not To Cry

Expo 67: Go Go Dancing in Ontario Pavilion

Carnaby Street - We're Going To Have A Smashing Time

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March 21, 2014

Modcast #295: Singing About The Ladies

It's all about the ladies this week in the mod world. I mean, it's always all about the ladies in my world, except when it's all about the cocktails. I was about half way through putting the show together when I realized all the songs had one thing in common. They all had a woman's name in the title. So, I figured what the hell it's as good a theme as any and I rounded out the set list with more songs about girls. Pretty good mix too, if I do say so myself.

Listen Now

The Decibels -- Allison (2004)
Elvis Costello -- Veronica (1989)
Material Issue -- Diane (1991)
Pixies -- Allison (1988)
Green Day -- Amanda (2013)
Little Murders -- What's The Matter With Mary (1980)
Squire -- Does Stephanie Know (1981)
The Jam -- Liza Radley (1980)
The Jetset -- Judy's Toybox (1986)
The Move -- Stephanie Knows Who (1968)
The Standells -- Eleanor Rigby (1966)
Boyce & Heart -- Alice Long ( You're Still My Favorite Girlfriend)(1968)
The Darling Buds -- Mary's Got To Go (1988)
The Lolas -- Me & Barbara Stancyck (2006)
The Cheesedogs -- Rita Jenrette (1981)
The Dogs -- Shakin' With Linda (1982)

Material Issue -- Diane

The Dogs -- Too Much Class For The Neighbourhood

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March 12, 2014

Modcast #294: Garage Stompin'

Back to the garage. Dust off your pointy Beatle boots. Get your stovepipe pants out. And, press your paisley shirts. This week's modcast is definitely gonna rock your ears off with an hour of ball blistering garage music. Are you ready for the fuzz? Can you handle the howling, growling, garage rocking beat? Turn your stereo up to eleven and get ready to get blasted.

Listen Now

The Cavestompers! -- Rock'N'Roll (2008)
Paradise -- My Kingdom (2014)
The Idle Gossip -- My Little Red Book (2014) (free downloads)
The Jackets -- Wasting My Time (2012)
The Black Belles -- Wishing Well (2012)
60 Second Swingers -- Lonely and Blue (2012)
Mondo Topless -- I'm Gonna Find A Cave (2010)
The Lust-O-Rama -- Candyman (1990)
The Rebel Set -- Nightmare (2012)
The Living Deadbeats -- Evil Hearted Blues (2012)
The Omens -- Look Away (2009)
The Tell-Tale Hearts -- Losing Myself (1986)
Thee Fourgiven -- Besides Me (1985)
The Fad -- Think (1982?)
The Fuzztones -- Look For The Question Mark (1985)
The Action -- I Can't Make a Friend (1967)
The Tulu Babies -- Mine Forever (1966)
The Shy Guys -- Black Lightening Light (1966)
The Go -- Let It Rip (1980)

Paradise - Diamonds and Pearls

Stephen Colbert & The Black Belles -- Charlene 2 (I'm Over You)

March 4, 2014

Modcast #293: What You Do To Me

Got a big show for you this week. And I do mean big. Big and loud. And fast. And rockin'. I just returned from a bit of R&R south of the equator. Spent some time in Santa Tereza a tiny little surfing village a way off the beaten path on the pacific coast of Costa Rica. Sun, sand, surf, and more sun. Can't beat it. It did serve to recharge my internal battery and I'm hoping to deliver that they same sort of recharge to all of my dear listeners.

Listen Now

Blondie -- Dreaming (Live Asbury Park 1979)
The Sympathy -- Happy Days (2014)
The Rifles -- Minute Mile (2014)
Volage -- Not Enuff (2013)
Fine Young Cannibals -- Suyspicious Minds (1985)
Big Country -- Fields of Fire (1983)
Dexys Midnight Runners -- Thankfully Not Living In Yorkshire Doesn't Apply (1980)
Paul Weller -- Bull-Rush (1992)
The Movements -- I Feel Groovy (2011)
Maximo Park -- Apply Some Pressure (2005)
Love Jones -- Players Club (2011)
The Ordinary Boys -- Rudi's In Love (2005)
The Jeunes -- What You Do To Me (2004/5)
Sylvie Vartan -- It's Not A Game (1965)
The Customs Five -- Little Louie (1966)
The Summer Set -- Oh Miss Stone (1966)
Tony Cook -- Wait (Don't Rush Me) (1992)

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The Rifles - Heebie Jeebies

Fine Young Cannibals - Good Thing

February 12, 2014

Modcast #292: More Sounds From Studio 66

As the cold, cold winter of our discontent slouches across the country, it also sees fit to deliver me a seasonal bout of the flu. Have no fear though, I have a bunch of great music lined up for you this week. As you will be able to tell from my voice, I've been suffering from a bit of cold and flu. So, rather than torture my voice, or the ears of those of you listening to it, this week I again keep my remarks short and sweet and deliver you another great hour of music. Like my last show, this is another of the sets I spun up at the recent Studio 66 mod night here in Seattle.

Listen Now

The Untouchables -- Free Yourself
The Three O'Clock -- When Lightning Strikes
The Jetz -- Dance With Me
The Pandoras -- Stop Pretending
The Jam -- In The Midnight Hour
The Aces -- One Way Street
Squire -- Girl On A Train
Lambrettas -- Daaance
The Jet Set -- Count The Beating Hearts
The Gents -- New Direction
Purple Hearts --My Life's A Jigsaw
The Times --Whatever Happened To Thames Beat
Makin' Time -- Honey
Terry Tonik -- Just A Little Mod
Ministers Of The Groove -- Getting Out Of Your Life
The Graduate -- Elvis Should Play Ska
New Street Adventure -- Small Town Heroes
RAF -- We Are The Mods
Quitty & The Don'ts -- It's Not A Crime
The Apemen -- I Got Soul
The Madd -- Going All The Way

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RAF -- (It's a) Modern World

The Pandoras -- Hot Generation

February 6, 2014

Modcast #291: Sounds of Studio 66

All is right with the world this week. My Seattle Seahawks simply crushed the Denver Broncos in Superbowl 48, so I haven't really had time to do up a right proper show. What I do have for you is an hour of mod power, featuring the sounds of Studio 66. Studio 66 is a quarterly mod night held here in Seattle that I've had the fun privilege to DJ at a couple of times, one of which was last weekend on Superbowl eve. This is the opening set I played to get it all got kicked off. I'll be posting some of my other sets from that evening later, so keep an eye out for those.

Listen Now

Burt Bacharach -- Pacific Coast Highway
The Cyrkle -- Turn Down Day
Free Design -- California Dreamin'
The Cascades -- Rhythm of the Rain
Mel Torme -- Games People Play
James Taylor Quartet -- Mister Twister
Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 -- With A Little Help From My Friends
Mel Henke -- The Lively Ones
Michael Brown & His Friends -- Rockin' With The Mods
Hipster Image -- Make Her Mine
Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass -- Casino Royale
Freda Payne -- Band of Gold
Shel Naylor -- One Fine Day
Love -- My Little Red Book
Kickin' Mustangs -- Kickin'
The Beatles -- Paperback Writer
Graham Bond Organization -- Wade in the Water
The Who -- Motoring
The Creation -- Making Time
The Kinks -- Set Me Free
The Rolling Stones -- Empty Heart
Chob -- We're Pretty Quick
Jimmy Ruffin -- 96 Tears
John Berry Seven -- Beat Girl (theme)

James Taylor Quartet -- Live Paris 2004

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January 28, 2014

Modcast #290: Viva Bossa Nova!

This week, I'm gettin' all easy up in the suave lounge and delivering you a whole show of Bossa Nova. Bossa Nova became an American,and international really, music staple in the 60s, and it is still immensely popular. For this week's show I'm gonna take you through some stuff that should be in every mods catalog as we celebrate that South American sensation, Bossa Nova. Most everyone is familiar with the most popular of Bossa Nova tracks like The Girl From Ipanema, So Nice, and Bim Bom. What I'm hoping to do is dig a little deeper and share some lesser known tracks, as well as a few more recognizable songs.

Listen Now

Eduardo "Edu" Lobo -- Upa Neguinho (1967)
Astrud Gilberto & Antonio Carlos Jobim -- Agua De Beber (1965)
Joao Gilberto -- Doralice (1960)
Sergio Mendes -- So Danco Samba (1966)
Antonio Carlos Jobim, Luiz Bonfoa, Joao Gilberto -- A Felicidate (1959)
Art Blakey -- No Hay Problema (1962)
Caetano Veloso -- Superbacana (1968)
Walter Wanderley -- Bicho Do Mato (1966)
Frank Popp Ensemble -- Belly Bossanova (2001)
Nicola Conte -- Bossa Per Due (2000)
Banda do Sul -- Could You Be Loved (2005)
Marcos Valle -- Batucada Surgiu (1967)
The Hi-Fly Orchestra -- Mambo Atomico (2013)
Bebo Best & The Super Lounge Orchestra -- Birombo (2013)
Stan Getz & Charlie Byrd -- Desafinado (1962)

Frank Sinatra & Antonio Carlos Jobim -- Bossa Nova Medley (1967)

Black Orpheus (1959)

Marcos Valle & Norman Gimbel - Samba de VerĂ£o (Summer Samba/So Nice)

January 7, 2014

From The Vaults: Modcast #198 Spring Into Action

Once more into the vault my friends, once more into the vault. Step back in time, to a time when the modcast was young and fresh. Take a giant step outside your current listening constraints and journey with me all the way back to 2011. I've opened up the vaults and dusted off a classic modcast that I think you'll enjoy. Again.

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. Spring is in the air, except in Seattle sadly. In the United States, spring means baseball. Contrary to popular belief, Seattle does have a professional baseball team. The Mariners. And the Mariners have Ichiro, undeniably one of the world's biggest and best baseball stars. So, fittingly I've included a track from The Baseball Project's latest album, "Ichiro Goes To The Moon".

Lots more cool stuff on this week's show. And, here's a bit of news. This will be the first modcast of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World to be carried on Mod Radio UK. I'm happy to be joining the ranks of some very cool people producing some of the best shows and playing some of the best musuc out there. Not least of which is show I listen to regulary, Dave's Trick Box hosted by Capt. Stax. The show airs on Mod Radio UK, but you can also download the weekly podcast here.

Listen Now

The Shingles -- Girl On A Train (2005)
Nick Pride & The Pimptones -- Lay It On The Line Feat. Zoe Gilby (2011)
Modus -- Some People Say
The New Fidelity -- All My Soul (2009)
Wicked Whispers -- Amanda Lavendar (2011)
Agony Aunts -- Greater Miranda (2010)
Brinley Schwarz -- I Like You, I Don't Love You (1974)
The Method -- Consider This Your Warning (2011)
The Routes -- A Love Like Mine (2011)
The Baseball Project -- Ichiro Goes To The Moon (2011)
Len Price 3 -- Man Who Used To Be (2010)
The Men -- Four Good Men And True (2010)
Jetty Boys -- Can't Wait (2009)
The Modesty -- Rennaisance Man (2010)

The New Fidelity -- 2nd Once In A Lifetime Girl

Zoe Gilby -- Waters of March

December 31, 2013

Modcast #289: Mr. Suave's Best of 2013

Another year down as they say. But what a year. This past year saw an explosion of mod friendly sounds from soul to power pop to sixties beat and everything in between. I've collected here some of the songs from some of my favorite artists and albums from the past year. Give it a listen, I think you'll agree that 2013 was pretty good, musically speaking.

Listen Now

The Chase -- Misspent Youth
RAF -- Hadrian's Wall
The Vice -- Singing Around
The Luck of Eden Hall -- Queen Of The Stars
The Sha La La's -- Feelin' Real
Alfa 9 -- El Morocco
The High Learys -- Two To Match
The Strypes -- What The People Don't See
The 45s -- Around And Around
The Attention! -- Button-Down Harry's Back
The Ace -- The Poet
The Most
-- I'm Not Your Man
Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings -- Goldfinger
Shaolin Temple Defenders -- Kung Fu Fighting
French Boutik -- Ici Paris
Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators -- Time To Get Business Straight
The Excitements -- Keep Your Hands Off

The Chase - 'Wantaway'

The Attention! - Have a Drink & Messer Raus

The Excitements - Ha, Ha, Ha

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December 25, 2013

Modcast #288: Mr. Suave's 2013 Christmas Extravaganza

Another year, another Christmas office party. For this year's rat pack Christmas celebration, I'm joined again by my sometimes sober co-host DJ Ken from The Shingles. This year's extravaganza is strictly BYOB. You bring the spirits and we'll bring the cheer. Bottoms up!

Listen Now

Dean Martin -- It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
Mel Torme -- Good King Wenceslas
Nat King Cole -- Buon Natale
Bing Crosby -- A Time To Be Jolly
Frank Sinatra -- Christmas Dreaming
Rosemary Clooney -- Christmas Time Is Here
Perry Como -- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Sergio Mendes & Brazil '66 -- The Christmas Song
Louis Prima -- Senor Santa Claus
Pearl Baily -- Jingle Bells Cha Cha Cha
Al Hirt & Ann Margaret -- Baby, It's Cold Outside
Julie London -- I'd Like You For Christmas
Lena Horne -- Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow
Kay Kyser & His Orchestra -- What Are You Doing Christmas Eve

The Rat Pack -- Frank, Sammy, & Dean joined by Jonny Carson

December 15, 2013

Modcast #287: 2nd Annual Mods' Christmas Faves

Light the lights, trim the tree, shake up some holiday concoctions. Then sit back, relax, and let the mods bring you some Christmas cheer.

Last year I invited a bunch of my favorite mod bloggers, mod podcasters, mod musicians, to share what they were listening to over the holiday season. It was a fun show, so I'm going to make it a tradition. I've got a whole bunch of great folks who'll be making guest appearances on this week's modcast and I think you'll dig it.

Listen Now

X -- Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
Ken From The Shingles: Farrah -- Christmas Is Cancelled (This Year)
RAF: The Kinks -- Father Christmas
Chaise Lounge -- Snow Day
Warren Peace From We Are The Mods Podcast: Sharon Jones -- Retreat
Bad Religion -- Joy To The World
Patrick Foisy From Parka Avenue Blog: Clarence Carter -- Backdoor Santa
Penny Lane From Punks In Parkas Podcast: Thee Headcoatees -- Santa Claus
Dean Stickley From Mod Soul Review Podcast: Charles Brown -- Please Come Home For Christmas
Jonny Magus From The Ace: Floyd Dixon -- Empty Stocking Blues
The Sonics -- Don't Believe In Christmas
The Hives vs Cyndi Lauper -- A Christmas Dual

Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine -- Christmas in Las Vegas

James Brown -- Soulful Christmas

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