April 11, 2021

Modcast #477: Gateway Drugs

What was your first musical crush? What was the band that was a gateway to other similar acts?  That's the focus of this week's modcast with Mary Queen of Cosmos joining in the fun.  And it's a monster. One of the longest ever. Action packed from top to bottom with a crazy mix of genres from acid jazz to punk to soul.

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Sex Pistols -- Anarachy in the UK
Bikini Kill -- Rebel Girl
The Jam -- In The City
The Julie Ruin -- Planet You
Oingo Boingo -- Only A Lad
The Cure -- Jumping Someone Elses's Train
Echo & The Bunnymen -- Bedbugs and Ballyhoo
Fontaines DC -- Boys in the Better Land
The Style Council -- The Whole Point of No Return
Swing Out Sister --- Breakout
Corduroy -- (I Know Where The) Good Times (Have Gone)
US3 -- Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia)
Stevie Wonder -- Sir Duke
Four Tops -- I Can't Help Myself
Raphael Saadiq -- Big Easy
Combustible Edison -- Millionaire's Holiday

April 4, 2021

Modcast #476: And Now For Something A Little Different

This modcast is a happy hour in and of itself, the perfect accompaniment to your own cocktail party. That's the good thing about modcasts, they're always there when youw want them. So hit the pause button and go mix yourself a tasty libation, don't be stingy with the booze, Mr. Suave doesn't allow subtle drinks. Then sit back and let this one wash over you from a completely fresh angle.

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Cornelius -- Cannabis (1994)
Thievery Corporation -- Coming From The Top (1999)
Combustible Edison -- Short Double Latte (1996)
Esquivel -- Johnson Rag (1960)
Mini Groove Orchestra -- Pom Pop (2003)
Corduroy -- Moshi Moshi (1998)
Towa Tei -- The Sound Museum (2004)

Pizzicato Five -- Twiggy Twiggy (Twiggy vs James Bond) (1994)
The Karminsky Experience, Inc. -- Exploration (1997)
Pimp Daddy Nash -- Balloon To The Moon (1998)
Nicola Conte -- Mambo De Los Dandies (2001)
Club Des Belugas -- Skip To The Bip (Brazil Mix) (2006)
Johnny Astro -- Patio Pizzicato (1999)

The Karminsky Experience -- Exploration

CORNELIUS - "Count Five or Six" - Yo Gabba Gabba!

Combustible Edison - Laura's Aura

April 1, 2021

Modcast 4-1: Mr. Suave's Hot Rockin' Beats

It's time to be hunting the gowk. You won't wanna miss this modcast with it's very special guests! Mrs. Suave is at her hottest, bringin' you all the heaviest of hits this time around. You'll be tearing your hair out in no time at all. Promises!

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March 24, 2021

Modcast #475: Time Won't Let Me

From old school to new cool the latest modcast is packed with great music of the power pop, garage rock, mod friendly variety. Plus Dean Hoth from The Eddies drops in to talk about the band's new album and upcoming projects.

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Grenadiers UK -- Ace Face (2021)
The Eddies -- Can I Be With You (2020)
Four By Art -- Just Feelin' Alright (1986)
Modest Proposal -- Nobody Says No (1985)
The Outnumbered -- I Feel So Sorry Now (1986)
The Smithereens -- Time Won't Let Me (1991)
The Piranhas -- Fiddling While Babylon Burns (1980)

The Pre-Amps -- Hard To Say (2021)
Beebe Gallini -- Busy Izzy (2021)
Pale Lips -- You're A Doll (2019)
The Happy Fits -- Go Dumb (2020)
The Krayolas -- All I Do Is Try (2007/20221)
French Boutik - Mamma We're All Crazee Now (2021)

The Pre-Amps - With My Baby

March 14, 2021

Modcast #474: For your Listening Pleasure

 Great line up for this go around with a little bit of everything from some soul to ska to psych-pop to garage rock.

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The Eddies -- Show Me (2020)
The False Positives -- Closed Circuit TV Romance (2020)
Paul Messis -- Please Don't Tell Me Why (2020)
Chris Church -- Learn (2021)
Popular Creeps -- Split Decision (2021)
Supertonic Sound Club - Let's Get Arrested (2020)
Bhopal's Flowers -- When The Sinner Becomes A Saint (Then The Devil Bleeds) (2021)
Exploding Flowers -- Amongst The Burnt Out Stars (2020)

Joystick -- Parellelograms (2021)
Kill Lincoln -- Civil Surgery (2020)
Block 33 -- High Street Blues (2020)
(Music Venue Trust)
French Girls -- Crazy Yo! (2013)
Candy Smokes -- Ya Ya Ya (2021)
The Jack Cades -- Where To Go (2020)
The Mudd Club -- Bored To Death (2021)
David Newton and Thee Mighty Angels -- The Songs That Changed Our Lives (Feat. Eddie Argos) (2021)

The Mudd Club - Bottle Blonde

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March 6, 2021

Modcast #473: Look Sharp with guest Oliver Orton

I'm joined this week by Sharp Class (formerly Subculture) frontman, mod singer and songwriter, Oliver Orton. Listen as we discuss the band's names, their latest single, their videos, some of Oliver's fave songs and more.

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Sharp Class -- Ready To Go
Sharp Class -- Gimme Some Lovin
The Kinks -- Waterloo Sunset
Shirley Ellis -- Soul Time
The Jam --Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?
Oliver Orton -- Days
Subculture (Sharp Class) -- Young
Subculture (Sharp Class) -- Sound of Truth

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Subculture (Sharp Class) --  Kids Don't Dance

February 25, 2021

Modcast #472: More Sounds Of Now

Here are 20 tracks, the sounds of now, guaranteed to perk up your ears, all perfect for your listening pleasure. 

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Star Collector -- Green Eyes
Heatwaves -- Tell Me What You See
The Sound of Pop Art -- Stop The World
The Devonns -- Come Back
Rich Arithmetic - Girl's Reply
The Gabriels -- Loose Canyon
Emperor Penguin -- Talk To Me (feat. Orbis Max)
The Airport 77s -- Christine's Coming Over
Linnea's Garden -- Non-dramatic Breakup Song
The Brothers Steve -- Carry Me
The Viewers - You're The Loser
Hayley & The Crushers -- Jacaranda
The Stents -- Undone
The Cheap Cassettes -- Lil' Bit Everyday
The Battlebeats -- Stitch Your Heart Up
Drool Brothers -- Go Go GoGo
Jim Basnight -- New Guitar In Town 

Star Collector -- Rip It Off

Linnea's Garden- Non-Dramatic Breakup Song

The Gabriels - Loose Canyon

February 13, 2021

Modcast #471: DJ Parka Pat's Got You Covered

Record collector and Mod DJ extraordinaire, Parka Pat the man from the Parka Avenue Blog and the Addicted to the Needle podcast, brings some of his rare 45's to the modcast. Specifically, he's sharing some great cover versions of classic tracks. And, as a special bonus for the modcast faithful he brings us an exclusive, a 45 single that isn't available to listen to anywhere else. Big thanks for that! Join us as we talk about record collecting, DJing, scooter trips and all things mod. 
(Cover photo courtesy of Patrick Foisy)

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Be sure to check out DJ Parka Pat's cool podcast all about record collecting and mod music: On Facebook at Addicted to the Needle - The Podcast Where A Vinyl Addict Meets His Dealer. And on Podomatic.  

I remember seeing this great, but crazy, documentary when it premiered at EMP here in Seattle, juast as it was first released back in 2000. There's a point where they talk bout a CD collection and I remember thinking to myself, I think he means OCD collection.

Alan Zweig's VINYL

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January 14, 2021

Modcast #470: 20 From 2020


Kicking off 2021 with the obligatory best of 2020. And yes there were some bests in 2020, especially when it came to music. Here then are some of my favorite tracks from last year. Have a listen, knock back a cold something or other, and get ready for the next 12 months of musical mayhem. Cheers friends!

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The Sharp Class -- Ready To Go
Subsetters -- Promises & Misery
The Spitfires -- Tear This Place Right Down
The Speedways -- Good Girls Don't Break Hearts
Young Fresh Fellows -- Young Mod's Last Ride
The Yum Yums -- Baby Baby Baby
X -- Star Chambered
Lunchbox -- The Academy
The Magic Gang -- Make Time For Change
The Everettes -- things You Do
Joel Sarakula -- Midnight Driver
The Sound of Pop Art -- Velvet Nights
Muck & The Mires -- She Blocked My Number
Herzog -- I'm Being Replaced
Kid Gulliver -- I Wanna Be A Popstar
It's Karma It's Cool -- bubblegum Monsters
Leslie Pereira & The Lazy Heroes -- In My Backyard
The Sunchymes -- Emily Layne
Diamond Hands -- Hide Away
The Regrettes -- What Am I Gonna Do Today

Sharp Class Livestream

Bonus Set

Block 33 -- Broken By Design

Outtacontroller -- Operator

Ed Ryan -- Even Time

The Chats -- Do What I Want

The Incurables -- Glam

Hi-End -- Lookin' For Some Kicks

Suave Martyrs -- Straight A's

The Adam Brown -- Hummin' Around

December 22, 2020

Modcast #469: Surviving Christmas

Christmas in 2020 is like none other before it. This year it's all about remembering the before, getting through the the during, and hoping for the after. Feel good music is the perfect present for your ears. DJ Ken joins me in mixing before, during and after songs for your seasonal survival. Here's to next year!

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Jeffrey Foskett -- Christmas Time Is Here (2018)
The Fleshtones -- Champagne Christmas (20060
Psycho Daisies -- Santa Claus Is Coming Down Again (1986)
Shrill Fit -- It's Been A Shitty Year (So Give Me All Your Presents)(2017)
Huntingtons - It's Always Christmas At My House (2000)
Ralphies Red Ryders -- I Won't Shoot My Eye Out (2020)
Connection -- West Coast (2014)
Dollyrots -- Christmas Baby Please Come Home (2020)
Decibels -- Angels We have Hard on High (2018)
Pencils -- Christmas Is Coming Again
Empty Hearts -- Joyful Noise (2020)
Lisa Mychols -- Wake Up Christmas (2017)
Genuine Fakes -- Christmas Tree farm (2020)
JD McPherson -- Bad Kid (2018)
Bird and the Bee -- You and I at Christmas Time 92020)
Patsy Raye & the Beatniks -- Beatniks Wish (1958)
Don Tiki -- Xmas Eve at the Club Bambu (2012)
Weeklings -- Gonna be Christmas (2019)
Cheap Trick -- Merry Christmas Darlings (2018)

December 12, 2020

Modcast #468: Sixties Dance Party

Shine your shoes, put on your best threads, and get your talcum powder, it's time to dance your ass off at home alone one more time this year. Here's a couple of sets with the full on garagesoulr&b vibe that is guaranteed to put your toes to tappin.

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Sam Cooke -- Shake (1964)
The Kinks -- Beautiful Delilah (1964)
Steampacket -- Can I Get A Witness (1965)
The Action -- Hey Sah No Ley (1966)
The Seeds -- She's Wrong (1965)
The Squires -- Going All The Way (1966)
The Monkees -- Let's Dance On (1966)
? & The Mysterians -- 8-Teen (1966)

Elmore James -- Shake Your Moneymaker (1961)
Georgie Fame -- Ride Your Pony (1966)
The Artwoods -- I Feel Good (1966)
Chris Clark -- Love's Gone Mad (1966)
The Brogues -- I Ain't No Miracle Worker (1965)
Zoot Money & His Big Roll Band -- Big Time Operator (1966)
Denis Lotis -- The Finger Points At You (1969)
Doc Thomas Group & The Silence -- She Was Really Saying Something (1967)

60's Mods - Dancing And Fashions

November 20, 2020

Modcast #467: Hip New Sounds

Covid is raging around the world. It's clear many musicians are using this time to tap into their inspiration and some great music is being written and recorded these days in spite of all the daily horrors. I've got a whole bunch of it cued up for you.  Originally, my plan for this modcast was to do a new and used show with new and old music mixed.  But I realized I've been remiss of late in highlighting all the great new music coming out in the past couple of months so decided to just focus on all the new stuff. Hope you dig it as much as I do. 


Listen Now



First Set

Young Fresh Fellows -- A Young Mods Last Ride (2020)
Dirt Royal – Don’t Let The Bastards (Grind You Down) (2020)
Luncbox – Utopia (2020)
Mike Browning – Hangin’ Out (2020)
The Adam Brown – Hummin’ Around (2020)
Shane Tutmarc – Can I Count On You (2020)
Eric Din – Jupiter Girls (2020)
Irene Peña – The Summer Place (2020)
The Shang Hi Los – Sway Little Player (2020)

Second Set

Ralphie’s Red Ryders – I Won’t Shoot My Eye Out (2020)
The Stents – With Another (2020)
Beebe Gallini – Open Up Your Door (2020)
Brian Ray – Got A New Thing (2020)
The Moons – Today (2020)
The Nude Party – Cities (2020)
Johnny Magus & The Bursting Bubbles – Melody Delight (2020)
Fantastic Negrito – Platypus Disaster (2020)

Bonus Third Set

John Lee's Groundhogs - I'll Never Fall In Love Again (1966)

The Rub - Death Of Pop

Giuda - Overdrive

The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Vanishing Girl

The Woggles -- Paisley in Paradise

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks - Bike Lane (Live on KEXP)

Jarvis Cocker - Black Magic (Live in Sydney)

Alan Power - Prodigal Son

The Sh-Booms - Leon The Hustler