September 25, 2013

Modcast #279: Got It All Goin' On

Welcome to the big show kids. I've got a great lineup of new to you (and me) music from 2013. By the time year's end rolls around and I put together my annual best of show, it's likely to be shows plural, that's how much great stuff has come out this year, or is still due to arrive. Of course, new is all well and good, but some old school sounds are worth revisiting, so I've thrown in a few of those this week as well. This show indeed has got it all goin' on.

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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra -- Diamond In Your Heart (2013)
Caro Emerald -- Liquid Lunch (2013)
Nicole Willis & The Sould Investigators -- Time To Get Business Straight (2013)
The Jazzinvaders -- No Cure (2013)
The Movements -- The Death of John Hall D.Y. (2013)
The Strypes -- Perfect Storm (2013)
Quitty & The Dont's (2013)
Miles Kane -- Better Than That (2013)
Johnny Marr -- Upstarts (2013)
Franz Ferdinand -- Fresh Strawberries (2013)
Tell Daddy -- The All-Night Workers (1970)
Executive -- Tracy Took A Trip (1967)
Moody Blues -- Go Now (1965)
Living Daylights --Always With Him (1967)
The Monitors -- Telegram (1979)

The British Masters -- Johnny Marr

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September 19, 2013

Modcast #278: Time, Oh Give Me Time

Time. We are running out of it. All of us. Time is important. Right. How else do you get through the day? There is no way for us poor humans to not think about time. Try it. Try to not think about time right now. How long did you last? Exactly. See what I mean. And, as they say time is money. So you are gonna be rich by the end of this show. This week I've got a time theme going, all of the songs are about some element of time. Seconds, minutes, hours, whatever you can rest assured that because this is the Mod Mod World you know it's gonna be time well spent.

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The Smithereens -- Time Won't Let Me (1994)
Green Day -- Fuck Time (2012)
Small Hours -- Midnight To Six (1979)
The On/Offs -- 54 Hours (2005)
The Corner Laughers -- Grashopper Clock (2012)
Baskervilles -- A Little More Time (2008)
The Jakpot -- Underneath The College Clock (2006/7)
Seth Swirsky -- 20 Minutes To Myself (2010)
The Elephants -- 5 MInutes (2007)
Rumble Strips -- Alarm Clock (2007)
Belleruche -- Clockwatchin (2010)
Corduroy -- Clockwork Man (2013 remastered)
Shirley Ellis -- Soul Time (1966)
The Guess Who -- No Time (1970)
The Black Carnations -- What Time Did You Say It Is In New York City (1986)

The On/Offs - This Town

The Corner Laughers - I'd Rather Be Counting Cormorants With You

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September 10, 2013

Modcast #277: Cops, Criminals, Prison & Punishment

How many songs about cops or crime are there? Well dozens, if you're just listening to The Clash. This week's modcast is all about crime and punishment, the cops and the criminals. Every song touches on some angle of the overall theme from The Clash to The Kirkbys, from the 60s to the 90s and beyond, it's a pretty popular theme.

First things first, quick shout out and thank you to the Ice Cream Man for hosting last week's show, and it was a pretty damn good show. He was fresh off the debut of his own power pop podcast which you can check out at his very excellent blog at

Now reach for the sky mods, you've got a lot of crime to catch up on.

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Social Distortion -- It's The Law (1988)
The Riptides -- Dial M For Murder (2009)
Willie Nile -- Police On My Back (2006)
Green Day -- I Fought The Law (2004)
Standells -- Have You Ever Spent The Night In Jail? (1966)
Sindicate -- Hangman (196?)
The Kirkbys -- It's A Crime (1966)
The Untouchables -- Mandingo (1985)
The Skeletones -- Mugsy Shambles (1988)
The Specials -- Rude Boys Out Of Jail (1980)
Bad Manners -- Inner London Violence (1980)
The Clues -- Almost Framed (1981)
Tearjerkers -- Murder Mystery (1980)
The Clash -- Somebody Got Murdered (1980)
Supergrass -- Caught By The Fuzz (1995)

The Untouchables -- Free Yourself

The Clash -- Bankrobber

September 2, 2013

Modcast #276: With Guest Host The Ice Cream Man

A big welcome back to The Ice Cream Man, guest hosting the modcast for a second time. He is hot off the debut of his own newly launched power pop podcast which you can find it at his most excellent blog, The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!.

If you're familiar with his blog, then you know that this will be a fantastic modcast with really great music from bands like The Riots, The Solicitors, The Judes, The Most and much more. What else would expect from The Ice Cream Man?

Listen Now

The Above - The girl with the peacock tattoo
The Solicitors - Pretty Penny
Mark and The Spies - Please Think it over
Nick Piuntin - 13 in my head
The Pinecones - Kimbererley Keep
The Most - I Don't want it
The Sympathy - When The Sun Goes Down
The Riots - Out Of Control
The Shade - Tommy aint your thief
Shelta - Faraday
Stephen Lawrenson - Words to say
Souvenir Stand - Days I spent with you
Bobby Fuller Four - Magic Touch
The Judes - Let's fall in love again
Attic Lights - Say You love me

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