September 25, 2013

Modcast #279: Got It All Goin' On

Welcome to the big show kids. I've got a great lineup of new to you (and me) music from 2013. By the time year's end rolls around and I put together my annual best of show, it's likely to be shows plural, that's how much great stuff has come out this year, or is still due to arrive. Of course, new is all well and good, but some old school sounds are worth revisiting, so I've thrown in a few of those this week as well. This show indeed has got it all goin' on.

Listen Now

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra -- Diamond In Your Heart (2013)
Caro Emerald -- Liquid Lunch (2013)
Nicole Willis & The Sould Investigators -- Time To Get Business Straight (2013)
The Jazzinvaders -- No Cure (2013)
The Movements -- The Death of John Hall D.Y. (2013)
The Strypes -- Perfect Storm (2013)
Quitty & The Dont's (2013)
Miles Kane -- Better Than That (2013)
Johnny Marr -- Upstarts (2013)
Franz Ferdinand -- Fresh Strawberries (2013)
Tell Daddy -- The All-Night Workers (1970)
Executive -- Tracy Took A Trip (1967)
Moody Blues -- Go Now (1965)
Living Daylights --Always With Him (1967)
The Monitors -- Telegram (1979)

The British Masters -- Johnny Marr

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