September 19, 2013

Modcast #278: Time, Oh Give Me Time

Time. We are running out of it. All of us. Time is important. Right. How else do you get through the day? There is no way for us poor humans to not think about time. Try it. Try to not think about time right now. How long did you last? Exactly. See what I mean. And, as they say time is money. So you are gonna be rich by the end of this show. This week I've got a time theme going, all of the songs are about some element of time. Seconds, minutes, hours, whatever you can rest assured that because this is the Mod Mod World you know it's gonna be time well spent.

Listen Now

The Smithereens -- Time Won't Let Me (1994)
Green Day -- Fuck Time (2012)
Small Hours -- Midnight To Six (1979)
The On/Offs -- 54 Hours (2005)
The Corner Laughers -- Grashopper Clock (2012)
Baskervilles -- A Little More Time (2008)
The Jakpot -- Underneath The College Clock (2006/7)
Seth Swirsky -- 20 Minutes To Myself (2010)
The Elephants -- 5 MInutes (2007)
Rumble Strips -- Alarm Clock (2007)
Belleruche -- Clockwatchin (2010)
Corduroy -- Clockwork Man (2013 remastered)
Shirley Ellis -- Soul Time (1966)
The Guess Who -- No Time (1970)
The Black Carnations -- What Time Did You Say It Is In New York City (1986)

The On/Offs - This Town

The Corner Laughers - I'd Rather Be Counting Cormorants With You

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