March 28, 2011

Modcast #196: The Modern Mod's Recod Collection

We now return you to our regular program already in progress . . . . For all it's glitzy hype, techonology sure can suck. I've rendered an entirely new MP3 for this week's show, to replace the previous file which got corrupted somewhere along the line. Next order of business is some serious software upgrades. But the show must go on.

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World, and a midweek modcast. This week I'm dusting off the record crates, delving into the modern mod's record collection and digging out some of the best tracks of the 21st century.

The turn of the century brought us a new wave of garage bands updating the garage rock sounds of past eras for a whole new legion of fans. It also ushered in a second wave -- or maybethird wave depending on who you talk to -- of Britpop influenced bands, many of whome weren't even British. Throughout the first decade of this century the momentum of good music has been maintained and there are scores of bands out there that I could have highlighted in this show. I picked just a few, all bands with tracks that I think are worth keeping in your hip pocket. Any mod collection would be well served by their inclusion.

Listen now

Kaiser Chiefs -- Heat Dies Down (2007)
The Hives -- Hate To Say I Told You So (2000)
The Mooney Suzuki -- Everythings Gone Wrong (2000)
The Strokes -- Soma (2001)
The White Stripes -- Lafayette Blues (1998)
Graham Coxon -- Don't Let Your Man Know (2006)
The Solarflares -- Can Satisfy You (2003)
Franz Ferdinand -- Eleanor Put Your Boots On (2005)
The Ordinary Boys -- Boys Will Be Boys (2006)
The Rifles -- Lost In London (2005)
The Last Shadow Puppets -- Separate And Ever Deadly (2008)
Maximo Park -- Shiver (2006)
The Fratellis -- My Friend John (2008)
Mother's Children -- What'll Happen to All the Girls (2010)

The Rifles -- The General

Graham Coxon -- Bittersweet Bundle of Misery

March 20, 2011

Modcast #195: New to You

Welcome to Mr. Suave's mod mod world. Got lots of new, or relatively new music for you this week. One really great bit of news has to do with the opening track on this week's modcast by a band called Dot Dash. A band I'd never heard of until one of the members e-mailed me. Naturally, when I found out that Dot Dash include members of two my favorite bands --80's mod faves Modest Proposal, and power poppers Julie Ocean-- well I has happier than a pig in shit. Both of those bands produced work that was criminally underrated. But now there's a chance to hit it big. And when you hear the Jam like chords of that first track I think you'll agree they're on their way.

Lots of other really good stuff here as well. Enjoy and I hope you discover at least a couple new things to put a smile on your ears.


Dot Dash -- Color and the Sound (2011)
The GO! Freaks -- Cannibal (2011)
The Liberators -- Let it Go (Feat. Roxie Ray) (2011)
The Booze -- Straigh to Hell (2011)
Hollywood Sinners -- Have You Ever Been in Jail (2011)
The Types -- Zombie Twist (2011)
The Salteens -- If Love is Gone Where do We Go from Here (2011)
The Corner Laughers -- Transamerica Pyramid (2011)
Agony Aunts -- Tiny Pictures (2011)
Farrah -- DNA (2010)
The Ripe -- Constant Waves (2011)

Agony Aunts -- Adams Rib

The Booze -- Down on your Luck

March 16, 2011

the Liberators -- Rags To Riches

Introducing Leeroy, the most bad-ass brother to ever wear the badge. He's got a black belt in justice and a license in ass-whooping. He's so bad he makes Shaft look white!

Check out The Liberators new album here.

March 14, 2011

Modcast #194: Mod by Southwest

If I could go to SXSW in Austin, TX, I would. But, I can't. So here I am stuck in Seattle, with the rain and whatever else it is about Seattle that sucks, while everyone else is in 75 degrees of sun in Austin. No matter, if I was there for the big show these are the bands I'd see. So take a listen and then if you're in Austin go get in line and listen up live. It will be worth it, I'm sure.


Thee Attacks -- Love In Disguise
Raphael Saadiq- Love That Girl
Eli "Paperboy" Reed -- Am I Wasting My Time
Edwyn Collins -- Losing Sleep
The New Mastersounds -- San Frantico
The Tea Cozies -- Dead Man's Sister
The New Cassettes -- Silent Guns
Veronica Falls -- Found Love In A Graveyard
The Ugly BeatsThe Cynics -- The Ring
The Chevelles -- She Loves Cocaine
Uncle Bad Touch -- I Wanna Love You
The Types -- A Little Piece Of You

Thee Attacks -- On The Move=

Raphael Saadiq -- 100 Yard Dash

The New Cassettes -- Lighthouse

March 10, 2011

Happens all the time when listening to The Undertones

The Undertones -- It's Gonna Happen

I always thought of The Undertones as a mod band, even though from what I've read they never thought of themselves that way. And neither did anyone else, always forcing them into the punk ghetto.

Thanks to MRML for reminding me how much I like The Undertones. If you're a fan you'll wanna head over there and check out the great stuff he's got.

Take the suave capsule

Capsule - Music Controller

March 6, 2011

Modcast #193: Guest Host Gary from The Affected Four

At the control panel this week is Gary from British mod outfit The Affected Four and he's mixed up a blistering set of cool tunes. The Affected Four just released their debut, self-published album titled Something's Happenin and you can check them out on Myspace.

Listen Now

The Mighty Boosh -- Mod Wolves
The Shambles --It's a Mod Mod World
Graham Day & The Gaolers -- Beggin You
Chest -- Whenever I'm Gone
The Right Ones -- That's New York
The Madd - Love
Noonday Underground feat. Paul Weller -- I'll Walk Right On
The Richard Kent Style -- All Good Things
Len Price 3 -- After You're Gone
Belle & sebastian -- Lazy Line Painter Jane
Soul Brother -- I Thank You Baby For Loving Me
The Affected Four -- What Will The Neighbours Think
The Buttshakers -- I've Been Abused
The Go! Team -- I'm Not Satisfied
Terry Reid -- This Time
Lee Moses -- Bad Girl Pt. 1 & Pt. 2