March 20, 2011

Modcast #195: New to You

Welcome to Mr. Suave's mod mod world. Got lots of new, or relatively new music for you this week. One really great bit of news has to do with the opening track on this week's modcast by a band called Dot Dash. A band I'd never heard of until one of the members e-mailed me. Naturally, when I found out that Dot Dash include members of two my favorite bands --80's mod faves Modest Proposal, and power poppers Julie Ocean-- well I has happier than a pig in shit. Both of those bands produced work that was criminally underrated. But now there's a chance to hit it big. And when you hear the Jam like chords of that first track I think you'll agree they're on their way.

Lots of other really good stuff here as well. Enjoy and I hope you discover at least a couple new things to put a smile on your ears.


Dot Dash -- Color and the Sound (2011)
The GO! Freaks -- Cannibal (2011)
The Liberators -- Let it Go (Feat. Roxie Ray) (2011)
The Booze -- Straigh to Hell (2011)
Hollywood Sinners -- Have You Ever Been in Jail (2011)
The Types -- Zombie Twist (2011)
The Salteens -- If Love is Gone Where do We Go from Here (2011)
The Corner Laughers -- Transamerica Pyramid (2011)
Agony Aunts -- Tiny Pictures (2011)
Farrah -- DNA (2010)
The Ripe -- Constant Waves (2011)

Agony Aunts -- Adams Rib

The Booze -- Down on your Luck