March 28, 2011

Modcast #196: The Modern Mod's Recod Collection

We now return you to our regular program already in progress . . . . For all it's glitzy hype, techonology sure can suck. I've rendered an entirely new MP3 for this week's show, to replace the previous file which got corrupted somewhere along the line. Next order of business is some serious software upgrades. But the show must go on.

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World, and a midweek modcast. This week I'm dusting off the record crates, delving into the modern mod's record collection and digging out some of the best tracks of the 21st century.

The turn of the century brought us a new wave of garage bands updating the garage rock sounds of past eras for a whole new legion of fans. It also ushered in a second wave -- or maybethird wave depending on who you talk to -- of Britpop influenced bands, many of whome weren't even British. Throughout the first decade of this century the momentum of good music has been maintained and there are scores of bands out there that I could have highlighted in this show. I picked just a few, all bands with tracks that I think are worth keeping in your hip pocket. Any mod collection would be well served by their inclusion.

Listen now

Kaiser Chiefs -- Heat Dies Down (2007)
The Hives -- Hate To Say I Told You So (2000)
The Mooney Suzuki -- Everythings Gone Wrong (2000)
The Strokes -- Soma (2001)
The White Stripes -- Lafayette Blues (1998)
Graham Coxon -- Don't Let Your Man Know (2006)
The Solarflares -- Can Satisfy You (2003)
Franz Ferdinand -- Eleanor Put Your Boots On (2005)
The Ordinary Boys -- Boys Will Be Boys (2006)
The Rifles -- Lost In London (2005)
The Last Shadow Puppets -- Separate And Ever Deadly (2008)
Maximo Park -- Shiver (2006)
The Fratellis -- My Friend John (2008)
Mother's Children -- What'll Happen to All the Girls (2010)

The Rifles -- The General

Graham Coxon -- Bittersweet Bundle of Misery