September 25, 2012

Modcast #245: Very Very Good Music

With a title like that you know this is going to be one hell of a kick ass show. It might seem cheeky, until you hear it and then you will undoubtedly agree that this isn't just good music. It's not even very good music, but what you're actually going to get is Very Very good music. If you want to rant or rave, bitch, moan or whine, do it in the comments section below. Otherwise sit back and prepare to have your mind blown.

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The Ace -- Sgt. Major Neighbour (2012)
The Past Tense -- Nervous (2012)
Green Day -- Troublemaker (2012)
The Electric Mess -- Falling Off The Face Of The Earth (2012)
The Go! Freaks -- Asteroid (2011)
The Laynes -- We Got Time (2011)
The Red Button -- She's Going Down (2007)
Sambassadeur -- Subtle Changes (2010)
The Agents -- Modern Girl (1983)
The Jolt -- Chains (1978)
Split Enz -- I Got You (1980)
Culture Club -- Church Of The Poison Mind (1983)

The Go! Freaks Live at The Black Note

The Electric Mess - Trash Talkin' Woman

September 18, 2012

From The Vaults: Modcasts #188 & #180

Once more into the vault my friends, once more into the vault. Step back in time, to a time when the modcast was young and fresh. Take a giant step outside your current listening constraints and journey with me all the way back to those oh so cold and rainy days of Winter 2010. I've opened up the vaults and dusted off a classic modcast that I think you'll enjoy. Again.

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Modcast #188: More than just a dog and pony show

Welcome to Mr. Sauve's Mod Mod World.  Get things off to a rockin' start with the opening track to Social Distortion's forthcoming album due out later this month called "Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes". Ya gotta appreciate a band that opens with an instrumental, especially a cool, garage tune like "Road Zombie".  Reminded me of The Goldstars who opened their 2010 EP in a similar style. Anyhow, it's good that Social D has a new album, and from my first few spins it's pretty much what you'd expect a little Stonesy, a little Hank Williams, a whole helluva lotta punk rock guitar. The show goes on from there with a swaggering rock and roll arrogance that even blows me away. And I put it together. Go figure.

Social Distortion -- Road Zombie (2011)
Los Peyotes -- Garaje o Muerte (2011)
Mothers Children - That's Who (2010
The Ace -- Loose Cannon Woman (2010)
The Like -- Walk of Shame (2010)
Paul Bertolino -- Just Another Breakup (2000)
The Lolas -- Dog and Pony Show (2001)
The Contrast -- Caught in a Trap (2007)
Smash Palace -- Win it All (2010)
Good Shoes -- The Way My Heart Beats (2010)
Parov Stellar -- Booty Swing (2010)

Los Peyotes - Garaje o Muerte

The Like - Wishing He Was Dead

Modcast #180: Some Hits Hurt

So, lately I've been on a Three O'Clock kick listening to the band's back catalog over and over and over. I've even come to appreciate what was probably their last great song "Her Head's Revolving". Which was of course the last album featuring the band's core lineup. Like all good music does it touched a nerve and then led me on a little musical jaunt. It's one of those jaunts that is probably best listened to rather than explained. I mean, how do you adequately explain all the cool music on tap for you this week from Shonen Knife to 999, The Marigolds to Mooney Suzuki? You don't. The best you can do is listen to it and simply enjoy.

Three O'Clock -- Her Head's Revolving
White Rabbits -- The Plot (2007)
Vibrators -- DNA Robot (2010)
Shonen Knife -- Animal Song (1993)
The Ace -- If You're Out There (2010)
The Cute Lepers -- Some Hits Hurts (2009)
The Marigolds -- Sticks And Stones (1985)
Cuban Heels -- Downtown (1978)
999 -- Action (1978)
Gary Valentine (The Know) -- I Like Girls (1980)
Mooney Suzuki -- Yeah You Can (2000)

Shonen Knife -- It's A New Find

999 -- Emergency

September 11, 2012

Modcast #244: Driving Enjoyment in Beats Per Minute

Welcome, welcome, welcome. Get in and give this modcast a test drive. This is all-wheel drive music, both high and low gear. Buckle up it's gonna be a wild ride.

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The Temptations -- Angel Doll (1967)
Dot Dash -- The Past Is Another Country (2012)
Phenomenal Cat -- The Volume Police (2012)
Galileo 7 -- More Time (2012)
The School -- I Should Do (2012)
Rockpile -- So It Goes (live, 1980)
Big Sound Authority -- This House (Is Where Your Love Stands) (1985)
Cuban Heels -- Downtown (1978)
Beggar -- Have Another Drink (1980?)
Boys Wonder -- Goodbye Jimmy Dean (1988)
Strawberry Alarm Clock -- I'm Coming Home (1970)
Special Beat -- Rainy Days (1990)

Mine! Mine! Mine! (live) - The Galileo 7

Big Sound Authority - (Call Me) Soul Man

September 5, 2012

Modcast #243: Keepin' The Beat

Modcast #243: Keepin' The BeatKeepin' the beat in the mod world this week is a whole host of great bands from The Who to The Chase to The Ska Vengers, with sounds from power pop to soul, to ska. What's old is new again with a couple of cool covers mixed in with brand new originals and a few classics that always put your toes to tapping.

If you're digging the modcasts let me know. You can leave a comment below, or ask a question, or rant, or rave, or whatever, but it would be good to hear from you faithful listeners. You can also friend me up on Facebook (, and you can follow me on Twtitter where between weekly shows I occasionally post videos, highlight new music releases and just basically pass on all the goodness I find in the Twittersphere each day. Follow me: @mistersuave

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Night Trains -- No More Heroes (2012)
The Uptights -- Let Me Love You (2012)
Men of North Country -- iPhoneumonia (2012)
Likely Lads -- Home Wrecker (2012)
The Chase -- A Different Place (2011)
The Idea -- You Remind Me Of You (1987)
Squire -- Get Ready To Go (1980)
The Jetset --Count The Beating Hearts (1985)
The Who -- Call Me Lightning (1968)
The Raindeer Army -- Subterranean Sun (1970)
The Breajers -- Don't Send Me No Flowers (1966)
The Ska Vengers -- I Put A Spell On You (2012)
The Absolutes -- I Think About You (2011)
The Fleet Street -- Hang Me Out (2012)
Lee Dorsey -- Wonder Woman (1966)

Men of North Country - Debut

The Fleet Street - Save Me