September 28, 2008

Modcast #105: I Wanna Be A Mod

What a week. If you're a financier you've been on a wild ride. And if you're not, well you've probably been watching it all from the comfort of your couch -- if you still have one.

Suddenly there is lots of cool new music flooding the markets, the scene is topsy turvy with recent and still to come releases. Next week alone will see a brand new album from Oasis, as well as new mod jazz outfit Trio Valore Inc. And you are going to your first little taste of both on this week's modcast. Also on tap this week is new stuff from Raphael Saadiq, the Private Jets, Brazillian sensation Ari Borger, and Secret Beauty Cream. So as not to overdose on the new drugs, I dug through the suave music vault and have dusted off some old faves from the likes of The Unclaimed and the Goldstars. You can check out some cool bonus videos on the modcast homepage at from Ari Borger and Trio Valore.

No doubt, the wildness isn't over. So, buckleup kids because I'm going to take you on your own wild ride right now.

Questions? Requests? Are you in a mod band? Were you in a band a way back when? Spread the love and send me some MP3s and I'll work them into a future show. E-mail me at

Trio Volare - Paint It Black (Live)

Ari Borger Quartet - Progama do Jô

The Del-Monas -- I Feel Like (recorded in 1986 especially in French for Belgian TV)


September 21, 2008

Modcast #104: Your Big Sister Said You Ain't Never Been Cool

NOTE: New MP3 uploaded. Some users were having trouble tuning into to this episode, so I've reposted a new stream of the modcast. E-mail me if you have trouble with it again.

Welcome to

Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World

What a time it's been gettin' the latest show produced and broadcast. I've been having weird technical problems that just cropped up recently. Problems that make the show sound amateurish and not at all polished. So, picked up a new mic and mini-mixer specifically for podcasting, and dammit all if I can't get it to work with my system. All to say that I hope this show is listenable because the music surely is.

This week's show is a little longer than usual but it's worth it. Got a great big strong soul vibe going. With the new soul revival in full swing it seems there's always new --and old-- stuff to discover and enjoy. Got a great live track from JTQ, some new stuff from the Upper 5th and Buttonup among other things -- such as Lucky Soul, who is fast becoming one of my favorites. One other especially nice treat here is the new track by Adrian Holder, former front man for The Moment. He's putting together a new album and if it's anything like what you can get a taste of on his Myspace page then it will be one hell of a release. Mod on, kids, mod on.

Let me know how I'm doing and what you think. E-mail me at

Bonus Videos

New Mastersounds -- Carrot Juice

Lucky Soul -- Add Your Light to Mine

(Meet Lucky Soul here)


September 16, 2008

From the Vaults: Modcast #23 Solid Suave Mod Sounds

Once more into the vault my friends, once more into the vault. Step back in time, to a time when the modcast was young and fresh. Step back to October of '06. I've opened up the vaults and dusted off a classic modcast that I think you'll enjoy. Again.

Welcome to episode #23 of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This week I've got The Friday Club, Elastica, Too Many Crooks and Raymond Lefever and His Orchestra among others. This week's mod lineage starts with Blondie, to Elastica to The Sounds. And if you don't know The Sounds, then track down their albums. They're a Swedish rock act that pretty much recreates the look and feel, if not exactly the sound, of Blondie, right down to their platinum blonde lead singer. Below is the video for their song Hit Me, which is strikingly similar to Blondie's 1976 video for X-Offender.

  • Shel Naylor -- One Fine Day
  • Joe Jackson -- I'm The Man
  • Linda Lyndell -- What A Man
  • Friday Club -- Window Shopping
  • Blondie -- X-Offender
  • Elastica -- Waking Up
  • Sounds -- Song With A Mission
  • Too Many Crooks -- Too Many Crooks
  • The Untouchables -- Mandingo
  • Critical Mass -- You Wanna Brawl
  • Raymond Lefevre -- Le Gendarme Pop

    If you have any questions be sure to e-mail me at

    The Sounds -- Hit Me

    Blondie -- X-Offender (1976)

  • September 6, 2008

    Modcast #103: Back in the Saddle Again

    Here in the states the Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer; the final three-day holiday that will be spent working around the house; the last of summer vacations; and a return to work-a-day and school schedules. That means me gettin' back to regularly producing the modcast.

    Putting the show together proved to be harder than usual. I had a roster of songs to play but wasn't feeling it. I tossed 'em out and put together a completely new show. It was an excellent decision, and resulted in an excellent set of songs as I'm sure you'll agree. This week's show is packed with great music - as usual. You'll get a taste of new sounds from The Anydays and Andre Williams, as well as some older stuff from the Shambles, Yard Trauma, and more.

    Questions? Requests? E-mail me at Mod on.

    The Anydays -- I Feel Free

    Andy Lewis -- Tell Me Once Again You Love Me