September 6, 2008

Modcast #103: Back in the Saddle Again

Here in the states the Labor Day weekend signifies the end of summer; the final three-day holiday that will be spent working around the house; the last of summer vacations; and a return to work-a-day and school schedules. That means me gettin' back to regularly producing the modcast.

Putting the show together proved to be harder than usual. I had a roster of songs to play but wasn't feeling it. I tossed 'em out and put together a completely new show. It was an excellent decision, and resulted in an excellent set of songs as I'm sure you'll agree. This week's show is packed with great music - as usual. You'll get a taste of new sounds from The Anydays and Andre Williams, as well as some older stuff from the Shambles, Yard Trauma, and more.

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The Anydays -- I Feel Free

Andy Lewis -- Tell Me Once Again You Love Me