September 16, 2008

From the Vaults: Modcast #23 Solid Suave Mod Sounds

Once more into the vault my friends, once more into the vault. Step back in time, to a time when the modcast was young and fresh. Step back to October of '06. I've opened up the vaults and dusted off a classic modcast that I think you'll enjoy. Again.

Welcome to episode #23 of Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This week I've got The Friday Club, Elastica, Too Many Crooks and Raymond Lefever and His Orchestra among others. This week's mod lineage starts with Blondie, to Elastica to The Sounds. And if you don't know The Sounds, then track down their albums. They're a Swedish rock act that pretty much recreates the look and feel, if not exactly the sound, of Blondie, right down to their platinum blonde lead singer. Below is the video for their song Hit Me, which is strikingly similar to Blondie's 1976 video for X-Offender.

  • Shel Naylor -- One Fine Day
  • Joe Jackson -- I'm The Man
  • Linda Lyndell -- What A Man
  • Friday Club -- Window Shopping
  • Blondie -- X-Offender
  • Elastica -- Waking Up
  • Sounds -- Song With A Mission
  • Too Many Crooks -- Too Many Crooks
  • The Untouchables -- Mandingo
  • Critical Mass -- You Wanna Brawl
  • Raymond Lefevre -- Le Gendarme Pop

    If you have any questions be sure to e-mail me at

    The Sounds -- Hit Me

    Blondie -- X-Offender (1976)