March 25, 2023

Modcast #535: In Depth With Timothy Cameron

modcacst 535Here we go with a great convo with Timnothy Cameron, Canadian power poppin', singer, songwriter aka T.C. Folkpunk, aka Caremonoise. We get into it pretty deep podering things like can a band have home field advantage? What's it like to retool your own music? What TV show did Timothy audition for? And what movie was he actually cast in? Listen in and be sure to check out his music on Bandcamp. Speaking of which, if you're a fan of the music on this show you will definitely dig all of his albums.

His music is straight ahead power poppin rock and roll, sixties influenced with hints and echoes of power pop down through the ages. Songs like Here Crumbles The Bride, a great early rock and roll sounding, Kinksish sort of stomper. And Caution Tape, a very Whoish track with a definite early Pete Townshend feel to it. The last couple of years though Timothy has been recording and playing as Cameronoise, and interestingly he's taken many of his T.C. Folkpunk songs and retooled them with a full band, adding additional instrumentation and dropping the lyrics to make them all instrumentals. There's a bit of a mod jazz vibe to some, but others rock pretty hard. Described as "Booker T & The MGs meet The Smithereens in Paul McCartney's attic", and I have to say that is spot on.

Listen now

T.C. Folkpunk -- I've Got News For You (2022)
Cameronoise -- Atrophy Wife (2022)
Bob Dylan -- Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) (1974)
Billy Bragg -- Ideology (1986)
Elvis Costello and the Attractions -- Wednesday Week (1979)
The Knack -- That's What The Little Girls Do (1979)
Cameronoise -- Caution Tape (2022)
T.C. Folkpunk - I'm Not Bitter (2021)

Bonus Third Set

Cameronoise - The Place I Leave Behind

T.C. Folkpunk - I Overheard Somebody Telling Me

Cameronoise - Page Before Me


March 18, 2023

Modcast #534: Step This Way

From pop to punk to pop punk to garage rock and a bit of all else, this modcast has something that will get you stepping in the right direction. Listen. Share. Repeat.

Listen Now

Strange Neighbors -- Hotline Psychic (2023)
hewhocannotbenamed -- Funny Farm (2023)
The Mandelbrot Shakes -- Better Run (2023)
Dave's Doors Of Perception -- Shake It! (2022)
The Ific -- Flakin' Out (2023)
The Mocks -- Doo Me Good (2023)
The Stayawakes -- Power Pop Massacre (2022)
Power Pants -- Needle In Your Eye (2023)

Joy Buzzer -- Judy Judy Judy (2023)
The Linda Lindas -- Growing Up (2022)
Ruby Bones -- Rooftops (2022)
Day Dreems -- The Bad Old Days (2023)
The Glad Machine -- Baby It's You (2023)
Golden Richards -- C'Mon C'Mon (The Makeout Song) (2022)
Popsicko -- Oh, No (2023)
The Bings -- Oh, No! (2023)

Bonus Third Set

Golden Richards - Take A Chance

Strange Neighbors - Hotline Psychic

Thee Attacks - On The Move

Wanda Jackson - Hard Headed Woman

The Lord Calverts - Technicolor Flower Child

Long Tall Shorty - Please Can You Tell Me

The Piranhas - Getting Beaten Up

Fun Boy Three - The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

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March 11, 2023

Modcast #533: Rocking With Star Collector

Vancouver mod rock outfit Star Collector are back with a new album, Attack, Sustain, Decay, Repeat. Lead singer Vic Wayne joins me to talk about the album. What do Katrina and the Waves have to do with the band's latest album? How do joy, sex, murder and aging play into it? What's it like to be an old mod? Can you even be an old mod? Listen in and find out. Be sure to check out all six of Star Collector's albums over on their bandcamp page. And you can tune in Modcsat #483: All Things Star Collector, where I do a deep dive with Vic on the band's Game Day album.

Listen Now

Love And All It Kills
Running Through The Rain
Feel It Comin' On
Beat It To Death

Bonus Third Set

Feel It Comin' On


Rip It Off

Green Eyes

Super Zero Blues

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March 4, 2023

Modcast #532: It's Still A Mod Thing

Sometimes you just need musical comfort food folks, and so I've got a double helping of great mod tunes for you. Some sold, some new, some classics you're sure to recognize, and a maybe a few hidden gems to surprise you along the way. All mod fare through and through.

Listen Now

The Odd Numbers -- Little Kings And Queens (1990)
Modest Proposal -- After You (1987)
The Jam -- Saturday's Kids (1979)
The Decibels -- All Of Your Lies (2019)
The Small Faces -- I'm Only Dreaming (1967)
The Standells -- Animal Girl (1968)
Oasis -- She's Electric (1995)
The Blades -- Hot For You (1980)
The Strypes -- Get It Over Quickly (2017)

The Chelsea Curve -- Girl Cavedog (2021)
Blur -- Coping (1993)
The Shambles -- Brilliant (1996)
Fay Hallam -- How To Be Here (2019)
The Equals -- I Get So Excited (1968)
Second Saturday -- What If (2002)
The Bangles -- Live (1984)
The Blue Up -- Feeling Like Rain (1987)
The Prisoners -- Come Closer (1986)

Bonus Third Set

The Blue Up? - Exhibitionist

The Len Price 3 - Supermarine

Seventeen (The Alarm) - Bank Holiday Weekend

The News - The Kids are Dancing

Mod Fun - Give

The Mooney Suzuki - In A Young Man's Mind
New Street Adventure - On Our Front Doorstep

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February 12, 2023

Modcast #531: Super Bowl Full O Soul

Superbowl Full O SoulBig game action top to bottom on this week's nod to the Superbowl and Mr. Suave's Bowl Full O' Soul series of funkified soul modcasts.

Listen Now

The Shirelles -- Baby It's You (1961)
Mel & Tim -- Backfield In Motion (1969)
Earl Turner -- S'port City Rock (1976)
Bessie Banks -- You Should Have Been A Doctor (1964)
Candi Staton -- Now You've Got The Upper Hand (1969)
James Taylor Quartet -- Jimmy Mack (2007)
Marie "Queenie" Lyons -- Fever (1970)
Colin Areety -- One Night Affair (1973)

Killer Meters -- Freak (2009)
The Skull Snaps -- Your Pimp (1973)
Bangs & Talbot -- Goody Goody (2022)
Tanika Charles -- Upside Down (2019)
Ben Pirani -- Not One More Tear (2018)
The Deans Of Soul -- You Moved Me (2022)
Carmy Love -- In The Morning (2022)
Mario Bondi -- Goin' Out Of My Head (2022)

Mr. Suave's Past Bowls Full O' Soul
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And, because we lost one of the greatest soul men of all time this week be sure to check out Mr. Suave's 2013 tribute to Burt Bacharach at

Bonus Third Set

Benjamin - Those Memories (Sneak Up On Me)

The Killer Meters - Freak

Count Basic - Joy, Peace & Happiness

Freak Power - Turn On, Tune In Cop Out

Sade - Never As Good As The First Time

Graham Dee - Mr. Super Cool (Pt. 1)

The Style Council - Speak Like A Child

The Allergies - God Walked Down

Cool Runners - High On A Feeling

Benjamin - Need Love

Roy Ayers - Coffy Is The Color

January 29, 2023

Modcast #530: All It's Cracked Up To Be

modcast #530
Here comes the nice with a heady concoction of magical music from the past and present.

Listen Now

Florence + The Machine -- Search And Destroy (2022)
The Shang Hi Los -- Victoria's Garden (2023)
The Routes -- Shrunken Heads (2023)
The Dirty English -- Borstal Boys (2022)
The Pomps -- P.A.D.D. (2022)
The This -- After Party (2022)
Brendan Benson -- Whatever's On My Mind (2022)
Boat -- Dark Dependency (2022)
The Laissez Fairs -- Kathleen Caffeine (2023)
Babe Rainbow -- Mediterranean (2022)
Cherry Vanilla -- The Punk (1977)
Atomic -- Gimme Your Love (2021)
Sandy Dish -- That's Hot! (2020)
The Bug Club -- My Baby Loves Rock & Roll Music (2022)
Red Sleeping Beauty -- Stupid Boy (1996)

Bonus Third Set

French Boutik - L'humanité

The Bug Club - Checkmate

The Deans of Soul - I Don't Want To Lose You

Carmy Love - In The Morning

The Poppermost - Laziest Fella In The Realm

Tina & the Total Babes - Tell That Girl to Shut Up

Spoilsports - You Gotta Shout

The Jigsaw Scene - Warehouse the Wicked

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January 13, 2023

Modcast #529: Your Winter Hangover Remedy

It's cold and wet which means we all need a dry martini. Consider this modcast as the hair of the dog and you'll be all set.

Listen Now

Frank Popp Ensemble -- Torn Up (2022)
Kid Gulliver -- Kiss and Tell (2023)
The Chelsea Curve -- Inconceivable (2022)
Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents -- Getaway (2022)
Romero -- Things They Don't Tell You (2022)
The Pandoras -- I'm Your Girl (1985)
The Darts -- Love Tsunami (2022)
Bloods feat. Laura Jane Grace -- I Like You (2022)

Hoodoo Gurus -- Answered Prayers (2022)
Nick Frater -- Rough & Tumble (2022)
Trevor Blendour -- Don't Mean Maybe (2022)
Marc Valentine -- Break My Heart Anyway (2022)
Lolas -- Storm The Heavens (2022)
The Q -- Communication Breakdown
The Question -- Getting Through (1985)
The Waeve -- Something Pretty (2022)

The Darts - Snake Oil

Romero - Turn It On!

The Spitfires - Life Worth Living

The Bakesys - We're Not Having Fun

The Ordinary boys - Talk talk talk

Daytoner - Jet Speed

Cheekface – Pledge Drive

James Taylor Quartet - J.T.Q. THEME

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January 2, 2023

Modcast #528: Mr. Suave's Faves of 2022

Here it is, my annual taster's choice of 2022's most mod friendly sounds. From soul to ska to garage and power pop, 2022 delivered some cool music. This show could easily have been three hours long, but rather than just listing everything I stubbed my ear on over the year I really try to hard to narrow it down to the what in my opinion is the very best of the year. Not an easy task, and I'm not sure I didn't miss some essentials. But I tried, and now you can enjoy and let me know what you think of my selections.

Listen Now

Dot Dash -- Tense & Nevous
Popular Creeps -- Black & Blue
Mike Bell Cartel -- Nothing To Give
The Len Price 3 -- Billy The Quid
Sharp Class -- I've Got It Comming
Day Dreems -- Fountain Of Truth
T.C. Folkpunk -- Do You Get The Feeling (and check out Cameronoise)
The Airport 77s -- All Torn Up Over Tina

Spygenius -- Son Of The Morning Go Man Go
Hayley & The Crushers -- California Sober
Shanda & The Howlers -- Miles And Miles
The Whiffs -- Tired Of Romance
Action City -- Kiss And Tell
The Linda Lindas -- Fine
The Speedways -- Dead From The Heart Down
Ursula 1000 (feat Activity Partners) -- Don't Cheat The Beat

Terry Hall - I Saw the Light