December 23, 2023

Modcast #552: Suave Soul Christmas Party (2023)

It's Christmas here at Suave HQ which means it is time for another Suave office Christmas party. Joining me once again is DJ Ken. In the past he and I have blown up Christmas, survived Christmas, had Christmas extravaganzas, had rockin', exotica, rat pack, punk, and power pop Christmas shows. But to our great shame we've never had a whole soul only show for Christmas. Until now. We're funkin' things up with Christmas soul tunes from across the years. Listen in, you'll be glad you did.

Listen Now

Lou Rawls - Good Time Christmas (1967)
James Brown - Signs Of Christmas (1966)
Jimmy Butler -- Trim Your Tree (1954)
Brook Benton -- Soul Santa (1971)
Bellrays - Merry Xmas Baby (1996)
Rotary Connection -- Christmas Love (1968)
Electric Jungle - Funky Funky Christmas (1974)
Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience - Soulful Christmas (2010)
Swing Out Sister - Littel Bright Star (2019)
Trambeat - Every Minute I Spend With You (Feels Like Christmas Eve) (2017)
Eli Paperboy Reed - Holiday (2019)
Blinky Griptite - Stone Soul Christmas (2009)
Men - Happy New Year Forever (2023)

December 12, 2023

Modcast Advent Calendar Is Here -- All Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World Past Christmas Shows

What is Christmas without being able to open a sweet present everyday? Here are all the past modcast holiday office parties and Christmas invitationals to tide you over until I dump 2023's Christmas extravaganza down your digital chimney. Please, please me by listening to them all.

Modcast #527: Ready! Steady! Go Ho-Ho-Ho!(2022)
Christmas time is here again! Settle in for a long winters modcast Christmas office party as DJ Ken joins me in sharing a big ol' sleigh full of Christmas tunes. Listen Now

Modcast #502: Suave Office Christmas Party (2021)
Merry Christmas and welcome to Suave headquarters 2021 office Christmas party. As always I'm joined by my Christmas partner in crime DJ Ken of The Shingles to bring you a cool yule. Listen now.

Modcast #469: Surviving Christmas (2020)
Christmas in 2020 is like none other before it. This year it's all about remembering the before, getting through the the during, and hoping for the after. Feel good music is the perfect present for your ears. DJ Ken joins me in mixing before, during and after songs for your seasonal survival. Here's to next year! Listen now!
Modcast #440: Christmas Potluck Party (2019)
Are your merry bells ringing? They will be after you hear me and DJ Ken jingle our jangles at this year's modcast Christmas potluck party. We had a little of this and a lot of that, and threw together a hodge podge of Christmas music past and present. Listen Now!

Modcast #421: Blowin' Up Christmas (2018)
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and you know what that means. Time for another modcast office Christmas party. At past parties DJ Ken and I have thrown up on Christmas, been blown away by Christmas, blown off Christmas, but this year we're blowing up Christmas. Listen Now!

Modcast #399: Mr. Suave's Mod Tiki Christmast Extravaganza 2017
Another year, another Christmas modcast. The good tidings here are that at least this year we have a Christmas modcast! That's right I'm back with DJ Ken to bring you the yule you'll wish you could forget. It's tikirific! Listen now!

Modcast #398: Have Yourself A Mary Little Christmas
And now for something completely different. Well, okay, not completely different. The difference-maker this week is Mary Queen of Cosmos who is bringing her sleigh full of Christmas spirits to the modcast. Listen now!

Modcast #347: Christmas Extravaganza 2015
A damn good holiday show, if I do say so myself.
Listen now

Modcast #317: Mr. Suave's Christmas Office Party (2014)
DJ Ken from The Shingles joins me in queueing up a sleighfull of Christmas tracks.
Listen now

Modcast #288: Mr. Suave's 2013 Christmas Extravaganza
Another year, another Christmas office party. For this year's rat pack Christmas celebration, I'm joined again by my sometimes sober co-host DJ Ken from The Shingles. This year's extravaganza is strictly BYOB. You bring the spirits and we'll bring the cheer. Bottoms up! Listen now

Modcast #255: Mr. Suave's 2012 Christmas Extravaganza
Crazy, eclectic mix of tunes for the season including The Eels, She & Him, HB Radke, Eux Autres, Vince Guiraldi, Jigsaw Seen and lots more.
Listen now

Mr. Suave's 3rd Annual Christmas Modcast Extravaganza (2011)
Well, it is Christmas time even if it doesn't really seem like it around Suave HQ. Usually I'm fully into the Christmas spirit by this time of the season, but this year just hasn't done it for me. As will be evidenced by the somewhat ho-ho-humbug attitude of this year's annual Christmas modcast extravaganza. Back to share his despair is Ken from The Shingles. Sadly the show was lost in the great hard drive crash in the winter of 2012.
In breaking news the missing show has been found! Listen now.

Modcast #219: Power Chords, Harmonies and Mistleto
I was lucky enough to have a chance to interview my old friend Dean Hoth, who is the lead singer of power pop trio The Eddies. We talked not just about what the band is up to, but more importantly to discuss a new Christmas compilation that is the perfect gift for any and all power pop loving mods out there. Powerchords, Harmonies and Mistletoe. Not a full Christmas show, but in light of the loss of 2011's show, this will have to do. Listen now

Mr. Suave's 2nd Annual Swingin' Christmas Extravaganza
Merry Christmas kids. As always, I am joined by Ken from The Shingles for this year's big Christmas show, and it is big. We've got some nice new seasonal sounds from Pink Martini as well as classics from Sinatra and some cool stuff from Bob Francis, Jaymz Bee and more. Make sure your turkey is stuffed, your tree is trimmed, and your glass is full of Christmas cheer when you settle down to listen to this one. Listen now

Modcast #184: Mr. Suave's Mod Rockin' Christmas (2010)
A Christmas bonus! These are not your grandfather's Christmas songs, from Jimmy Severe and His Blue Christmas Boys to The Eels and The Cuban Mistletoe Crisis this hodgepodge of slightly different but cool yule sounds. Listen now

Modcast #150: Mr. Suave's 2009 Mod Christmas Extravaganza (AKA First Annual Swingin' Christmas Extravagana, Modcast Christmas Office Party)
No matter what the neighbors think, this is one cool and smooth modcast. I've enlisted Ken from The Shingles to join me in delivering a Christmas dozen -- that's 14 great songs. This is one holiday modcast that will go down in the history books with some great stuff from Miles Davis to The Very Foundation, from Farrah to Girl Trouble. It's all good, and it's all merry, and you're going to love it. Listen now

Mr. Suave's 2008 Christmas Modcast
It's time for the annual Christmas Modcast. This year's show is a cozy little combination of songs that go well with hot chocolate and peppermint schnapse. I've got a few seasonal surprises for you this year from The Shambles, The Wondermints, The Yobs, Girl Trouble and more. I'm sure you've all got a bunch of online shopping to do and I've got loads of Christmas cocktails to shake up, so on with the show. Listen now

The Modcast Invitationsls

Modcast #254: Mods' Christmas Faves (Original modcast invitational)
The first ever modcast invitational with The Bang, The Ice Cream Man, The School, Warren Peace and more.
Listen on Mixcloud

Modcast #287: Mr. Suave's 2nd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Light the lights, trim the tree, shake up some holiday concoctions and here from mod bands, bloggers, DJs from around the world as they share their fave tracks.
Listen now

Modcast #316: Mr. Suave's 3rd Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
Wherein I'm once again joined by the likes of Penny Lane, RAF, Paradise, Warren Peace, The Ice Cream Man and many more sharing their favorite seasonal sounds.
Listen on Mixcloud

Modcast #346: 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational
This is the 4th Annual Christmas Modcast Invitational. As I do each year I've sent out a decree to mod bands, DJs, bloggers, and podcasters that they present themselves for holiday inspection. Got a group of folks this year with some really great songs, a few classics, a couple of real gems. Inspector 12 says they passed with flying colors. Listen now

Modcast #501: 2021 Christmas Invitational
The Modcast Invitational returns! This holiday modcast is a show for music lovers, so if you're not one you're listening to the wrong podcast. If you are one then you're in the right place as I've enlisted the help of a whole bunch of fun folks to share their fave holiday music with us all. Listen now.

Modcast #526: 2022 Modcast Christmas Invitational
Who wants to sock Springsteen in the face? Yule find out. Who doubled down with two, that's right count 'em two favorite Christmas tracks? Yule find out. Who penned up some original seasonal sounds? Yule find out. And I'm throwing in a few picks of my own along the way. Mull some wine, nog some eggs, dawn you ugliest sweater and get ready to get merry. Listen Now.

December 1, 2023

Modcast #551: Get With It

Now is the time to get with the program, and have I got a program for you. This modcast is packed with the coolest of the cool new music that will get you through the pre-holiday, winter doldrums.

Listen Now

Howlin Jaws -- Mirror Mirror (2023)
No Tears -- On 45 (2023)
Autogramm -- Plastic Punx (2023)
The Others CA -- Away From Everything (2023)
Why Oh Whys -- Dead Or Alive (2023)
The Allyrgic Reaction -- Small Steps (2023)
The Exbats -- To All The Mothers that I'd Like To Forgive (2023)
The Tearaways -- No Love Lost (2023)

Kula Shaker -- Waves (2023)
The Ragamuffins -- The Night (2023)
The Inciters -- Bring Back The Weekend (2023)
Kat Eaton -- Bad Advice (2023)
The Lunar Laugh -- Stranger Than Oz (2023)
The Radio Field -- Clover (2023)
Sommerdale -- Come Enjoy (2023)
The Rifles -- The Kids Won't Stop (2023)

Bonus Third Set

Kula Shaker - Indian Record Player

Howlin' Jaws - Lost Songs

The Deep Drags - You Don't Know Love

The Gold Needles - Hit The Main Drag

Chris Pope & Chords UK - Listen To The Radio

Teenage Bottlerocket - So Dumb

The Total Rejection - The Sweetest Dreams

November 19, 2023

Modcast #550: The Modtacular Sixties

Modcast 550 The Modtacular Sixties This is it, a deep dive into the sorts of things I would have been listening to had I been old enough to be listening to anything at all in the sixties.

Listen Now

The Attack -- Too Old (1968)
The Birds -- Dust In My Pants (1970)
The Pleasure Seekers -- What A Way To Die (1964)
The Pretty Things -- Get The Picture (1965)
Count Five -- They're Gonna Get You (1966)
The Artwoods -- Al's Party (1967)
John's Children -- I Got The Buzz (1968)
The Kinks -- I Gotta Move (1965)
The Yardbirds -- Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor (1967)
Golden Dawn -- Starvation (1968)

The Electric Flag -- The Killing Floor (1968)
The Equals -- Hold Me Closer (1968)
The Tempests -- Can't Get You Out Of My Mind (1967)
Georgie Fame -- Ride Your Pony (1966)
Richard Kent Style -- I'm Out (1967)
The Action -- Hey Sha Lo Ney (1967)
David Bowie -- Do Anything You Say (1966)
Graham bon Organization -- Wade In The Water (1965)
The Newbeats -- Top Secret (1967)
The Creation -- Life Is Just Beginning (1967)

Bonus Third Set

Julie Driscoll & Brian Auger and the Trinity - Save Me (1969)

Nancy Wilson - Spinning Wheel

JJ Jackson - But It's Alright

Dave & The Squires - The Girl Of My Dreams

Tom Jones - Hold On I'm Coming + Knock On Wood + Interview + It's Not Unusual

Shel Naylor - One Fine Day

The Steampacket - Baby, baby

Mick Jagger talks about Cyril Davies

October 30, 2023

Modcast #549: The Witching Hour (Halloween 2023)

It's halloween au-go-go time, baby! I've got witches galore, as well as haunted ghosties and zombies of ghoulish garage punk power pop tasty goodness. No tricks, just treats for your listening enjoyment.

Listen Now

Dungeon of Horrorrs -- The Halloween Groove (2023)
Them -- Witch Doctor (1968)
The Kinks -- Wicked Annabella (1968)
October Country -- My Girlfriend Is A Witch (1968)
The Gruesomes -- The Witch (1986)
Yard Trauma -- Watching Horror Movies (1991)
The Ace -- Ghosts, Goblins And Ghouls (2015)
45 Rally -- Witch Hunt (2019)
The Volcanics -- Witching Hour (2019)

999 - Everyday Is Like Halloween (????)
Bare Wires -- Teen Witch (2009)
Pale Lips -- I'm A Witch (2019)
Messur Chups -- Music To Watch Zombies By (2019)
The Dead 60s -- Ghostfaced Killer (2005)
Franz Ferdinand -- Evil Eye (2013)
Tony Christie -- Season Of Thge Witch (2011)
Twin Temple -- Let's Have A Satanic Orgy (2022)
Fred Schneider -- Monster (1984)

Bonus Third Set

45 Rally - Witch Hunt

Trinity - Season of the Witch

The Fuzztones-Happy Halloween

The Mummy (Mad Monster Party)

Bollock Brothers - Horror Movies

Western Standard Time Ska Orchestra- LON CHANEY Spooky Halloween version

Halloween Safety (1985)

The Paul Lynde Halloween Special ABC 1976

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What is Mod? Mr. Suave's Mod, Mod World is one of the web's original modcasts celebrating mod-influenced music from past eras including #mod #powerpop #punkrock #garagerock #northernsoul #britpop #acidjazz #lounge #exotica #ska #modrevival & more. Featuring over 500 mod friendly music mixes since 2006.

October 16, 2023

Modcast #548: Sounds Like Heaven

Good day, sinners. Are you looking for heavenly songs and angelic voices? Then you're probably in the wrong place! This here is down and dirty rock & roll. The kind your mother warned you about. C'mon, take a quick listen. You know wanna.

Listen Now

Uni Boys -- I Want It Too (2023)
Star Collector -- Crashin' (2023)
The Bablers -- Thinking Of You (2023)
Plasticsoul -- Biff Bang Pow (2017)
The Veras -- Something To Say (2023)
Dfactor Pop -- In The 70s (2023)
Drool Brothers -- Quiet Vacation (2023)

Tall Poppy Syndrome -- Let It Ride (2023)
Joel Stoker -- Down At The Undertow (2023)
Jamie Hoover -- Kim Kardashian (2022)
Geoff Palmer -- In The Grooves (2023)
Young Francis Hi Fi -- I Wanna Hold You Tight Tonight (2020)
The Manxx -- You're Losing Me (2023)
Dee C. Lee -- Don't Forget About Love (2023)

Bonus Third Set

Star Collector - Crashin'

The Corsairs - Today

The Laissez Fairs - Sensation

The Molotovs - Rhythm of Yourself

Robbers On Highstreet - Love Underground

Velvet Starlings - Pacific Standard Time

The Jacks - Pretty Poison


Material Issue - Diane

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What is Mod? Mr. Suave's Mod, Mod World is one of the web's original modcasts celebrating mod-influenced music from past eras including #mod #powerpop #punkrock #garagerock #northernsoul #britpop #acidjazz #lounge #exotica #ska #modrevival & more. Featuring over 500 mod friendly music mixes since 2006.

Tasty Halloween Modcast Treats

Halloween a-haunting we will go. It's trick or treat time and we've got full sized treats for you. No healthy pop music, no tiny bags of alt country, no bite sized bits of hip hop. Not on my watch. These are full sized bars of ear candy, chock full of ghoulish garage punk power pop tasty goodness.

Modcast #107: Monsters A-Go-Go! (2008)

Modcast #144: Something Wicked This Way Comes (2009)

Modcast #181: Monsters Rule O.K. (2010)

Modcast #216: No Costume, No Candy (2011)

Modcast #249: Rest In Peace (2012)

Modcast #283: How Do the Dead Come Back? (2013)

Modcast #311: Death Is A Lonely Business (2014)

Modcast #341: Dig My Own Grave ( Halloween 2015)

Modcast #372: And When I Die (Halloween 2016)

Modcast #395: DJ Ken's 10th Annual Halloween Modcast #395: Back From The Dead (2017)

Modcast #417 Death Is Amongst Us (Halloween 2018)

Modcast #437: It's Later Than You Think (Halloween, 2019)>

Modcast #465: The Devil Made Me Do It (Halloween, 2020)

Modcast #497: Come Join The Masquerade (2021)

September 22, 2023

Modcast #547: Tearin' It Up

Here we go again with a great mix of new music including some garage rock, some glam rock, as well some power pop, some northern soul and even some ska. Come drink deep from the fountain of new tunes.

Listen Now

The Cowboys -- The Sultan Of Squat (2023)
The Young Rochelles -- Breezy (2023)
Jinksie -- Slide (2023)
Friends of Cesar Romero -- Somebody's Somebody (2023)
Boytoy -- Want (2018)
Portable Radio -- Good news (2023)
The Capellas -- Take Your Chance (2023)
The Airport 77s -- Picture Book (2023)
The Pre-Amps -- Where Did You Go? (2023)

The Faithful Brothers -- Downtown, Uptown (2023)
Mustard Plug -- Why Does It Have To Be So Hard (2023)
Sonic Boom Six -- No Man No Right (2016)
Strangers In A Strange Land -- Ring My Bell (2023)
The Cyrkle -- We Thought We Could Fly (2023)
Marc Valentine -- Jinx of Finchley Road (2023)
Brad Marino -- Lucy (2023)
Sharp Class -- Where I'd Rather Be (2023)
Pavid Vermin - Desecrate The Cathedral (2023)

Bonus Third Set

The Melmacs - Good Advices

The Faithful Brothers – The Town I Live In

The Crawlies - Ain't No Time

The Half-Cubes - She's So Young

Shopping - My Dad's A Dancer [The Official Body]

The Suede Crocodiles - Stop The Rain

The Users - Dead On Arrival

August 21, 2023

Modcast #546: Trip The Pop Fantastic

Here we go around the popberry bush kids. A bit of psych pop, punk pop, jangle pop, garage pop, and more.

Listen Now

Monogroove -- Suzi Tuna (2021)
The Groovy Nobody -- Sunsick (2023)
The Laissez Fairs -- A Wildforce (2023)
French Boutik -- Motor Girl (2023)
Rain Parade -- Angel Sister (2023)
The Baron Four -- She (2023)
Lauds -- 24 (2023)

The Michael Weber Show -- C'Mon C'mon (2023)
Mark Murphy & The Meds -- Indiana Jones And You (2023)
Romero - Honey (2023)
The Linda Lindas -- Resolution Revolution (2023)
The Flashcubes -- Forget About You (2023)
Starter Jackets -- Dead Mall (2022)
Hearts Apart -- About To Happen (2022)
The Chesterfields -- Bitesize (2022)

Bonus Third Set

The Groovy Nobody - Soul Searching

Flashcubes - Wait Til Next Week

Sonic Boom Six - No Man, No Right

Spencer Segelov & Great Paintings - And We get Burned

The Michael Weber Show - Miles Away

French Boutik - Mieux comme ├ža !

The Dollyrots - Anarchy And Disney

The Exbats - Like It Like I Do

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What is Mod? Mr. Suave's Mod, Mod World is one of the web's original modcasts celebrating mod-influenced music from past eras including #mod #powerpop #punkrock #garagerock #northernsoul #britpop #acidjazz #lounge #exotica #ska #modrevival & more. Featuring over 500 mod friendly music mixes since 2006.

August 12, 2023

Modcast #545: Modtacular AF

This show is Modtacular AF and packed with obvious bangers, classic smashes, deep cuts, and a few brand new stompers.

Listen Now

The Jam -- Wasteland (1979)
Sharp Class -- Show Me A Good Time (2022)
Northern Uproar -- From A Window (1996)
Mike Bell Cartel -- The Storm Is Coming (2022)
Len Price 3 -- The Girl Who Became A Machine (2010)
Secret Beauty Cream -- Shake For You (2008)
The Rifles -- The Great Escape (2008)
The Scene -- Inside Out For Your Love (1985)
ANC4 -- Falling Out (2023)

The Untouchables -- Mandingo (1985)
Ministers Of The Groove -- Getting Out Of Your Life (1985)
Richard & The Young Lions -- I Ain't Missing You (????)
The Standells -- Mainline (1966)
October Country -- Octobery Country (1968)
Corduroy -- Out Of Here (1995)
Stone Foundation -- Learning The Hard Way (2015)
Swing Out Sister -- Where Our Love Grows (2004)
Small Faces -- Get Yourself Together (1967)

Bonus Third Set

The Jam on American Bandstand

The Three O'Clock - Jet Fighter

RAF Mod Band - We Are the Mods

The Creation - Try And Stop Me

The Bangs - Call On Me

The Risk - Jobs for the Boys

The Chords - Something's Missing

The Undertones - My Perfect Cousin

Blondie - Sunday Girl

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What is Mod? Mr. Suave's Mod, Mod World is one of the web's original modcasts celebrating mod-influenced music from past eras including #mod #powerpop #punkrock #garagerock #northernsoul #britpop #acidjazz #lounge #exotica #ska #modrevival & more. Featuring over 500 mod friendly music mixes since 2006.

August 2, 2023

Modcast #544: Summer Sizzlin'

Summertime and the livin' is easy. I've been on my now annual summer sabbatical where I take a few weeks off from my job as modcaster general and try to get out and some fun in the sun. But, I had to get back to this because so much cool new music has been coming out of late and I really want to be sharing it with you all.

Listen Now

The Shang Hi Los -- Monsieur Valentine (2023)
Kid Gulliver -- I've Got a Picture of You (2023)
Manual Scan -- Couch Is On Fire (2023)
The Paper Hearts -- Mascara (2023)
Full Time Men -- We Were Using (2023)
The Gypsy Moths -- Tilt-A-Whirl (2023)
The Arrogants -- No Plan (2023)
The Oxys -- Horsehoes And Hand Grenades (2023)

Souled Out -- Love School (2022)
The Faithful Brothers -- Dnace my Heart Away (2023)
The Kevin Fingier Collective -- My Heart Is Burning (2023)
Trambeat -- Don't Hold Back (2023)
Hague & White -- Out Here On My Own (2023)
The Cynz -- I Need You (2023)
The Lemon Drop Gang -- Johnny Is A Jerk (2023)
Shake Some -- Don't Tell Me More (2023)
Trevor Blendour -- Wrong Generation (2023)

Bonus Third Set
The Gypsy Moths - We Can't Go Home

Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

Souled Out - Let Me In Your Heart

Barbarian (punk parody of “Barbara-Ann”) by Musicians Anonymous Cleveland

The Truth - Exception Of Love

Be Your Own Pet - Worship The Whip

J Navarro & The Traitors

Continental - Hello

July 10, 2023

Modcast #543: Sounds Like Pleasure

Now coming to you from the middle of summer, tunes that sound like pleasure. This one has been a while coming and while most all the songs are new, they aren't as fresh as I had hoped. Still its a fun collection of power pop, garage rock, sixtiesish stuff, and even an instrumental! Tune in and your ears will thank you.

Listen Now

Cameronoise -- Alternative Batgirl (2023)
Arthur Alexander -- Woman (2023)
The False Positives -- Leaves A Mark (2023)
The Unclaimed -- Sick And Tired (2019)
The Howler Munkeees -- Lights (2023)
The Stepping Stones -- On Your Mind (2023)
The Anderson Council -- Times On The Thames (2023)
The Hannah Barberas -- When You Were My Boyfriend (2023)
The Mocks -- Lithium (2010)

Star Collector -- Running Through The Rain (2023)
Paul Weller -- True (2021)
Sparkle*jets U.K. -- Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow (2023)
The Half-Cubes -- Spinning The Wheel (With The Girl You Love) (2023)
Carbon/Silicon -- The News (2006)
The Melmacs -- Carry On (2023)
The Baseball Project -- The All Or Nothings (2023)

Bonus Third Set

Sorrows - The Real Story of The Real Album

Star Collector - Running Through The Rain

Madness - Deceives The Eye

Sparkle*jets U.K. - Mahnsanto

The Oxys - Rock n Roll Eyes

Rambalaya - Chip on Your Shoulder

Chemtrails - Deranged

The Jags - Back Of My Hand

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What is Mod? Mr. Suave's Mod, Mod World is one of the web's original modcasts celebrating mod-influenced music from past eras including #mod #powerpop #punkrock #garagerock #northernsoul #britpop #acidjazz #lounge #exotica #ska #modrevival & more. Featuring over 500 mod friendly music mixes since 2006.

June 22, 2023

Modcast #542: Eye of the Beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so the saying goes. Of course, they also say one man's trash is another man's treasure. In the continuing tradition of terrible ideas for a modcast this week Mary Queen of Cosmos joins me on an audio podcast for a visual topic: album covers. She delivers her list of albums with striking covers and we play some of the songs to give you the flavor of it all as well. (See all the covers down below the videos)

Listen Now

Mvula -- Green Garden (2013)
Corduroy -- Season Of The Rich (1997)
Suzanne Vega -- Caramel (1996)
Swing Out Sister -- Waiting Game (1989)
Parquet Courts -- Master Of My Craft (2012)
Sonic Youth - My Friend Goo (1990)
Shitkid -- Sugar Town (2017)
The Cure -- Grinding Halt (1979)
Torres -- Don't Go Puttin' Wishes In My Head (2021)
Tom Tom Club -- Genius Of Love (1981)
Curtis Mayfield -- Move On Up (1970)

Bonus videos

Parquet Courts -- Master Of My Craft

Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - It's Nasty

Tom Tom Club - You Sexy Thing

Sonic Youth - Live At The Rat (May 9, 1987)

Album Covers