July 10, 2023

Modcast #543: Sounds Like Pleasure

Now coming to you from the middle of summer, tunes that sound like pleasure. This one has been a while coming and while most all the songs are new, they aren't as fresh as I had hoped. Still its a fun collection of power pop, garage rock, sixtiesish stuff, and even an instrumental! Tune in and your ears will thank you.

Listen Now

Cameronoise -- Alternative Batgirl (2023)
Arthur Alexander -- Woman (2023)
The False Positives -- Leaves A Mark (2023)
The Unclaimed -- Sick And Tired (2019)
The Howler Munkeees -- Lights (2023)
The Stepping Stones -- On Your Mind (2023)
The Anderson Council -- Times On The Thames (2023)
The Hannah Barberas -- When You Were My Boyfriend (2023)
The Mocks -- Lithium (2010)

Star Collector -- Running Through The Rain (2023)
Paul Weller -- True (2021)
Sparkle*jets U.K. -- Today Will Be Yesterday Tomorrow (2023)
The Half-Cubes -- Spinning The Wheel (With The Girl You Love) (2023)
Carbon/Silicon -- The News (2006)
The Melmacs -- Carry On (2023)
The Baseball Project -- The All Or Nothings (2023)

Bonus Third Set

Sorrows - The Real Story of The Real Album

Star Collector - Running Through The Rain

Madness - Deceives The Eye

Sparkle*jets U.K. - Mahnsanto

The Oxys - Rock n Roll Eyes

Rambalaya - Chip on Your Shoulder

Chemtrails - Deranged

The Jags - Back Of My Hand

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