August 2, 2023

Modcast #544: Summer Sizzlin'

Summertime and the livin' is easy. I've been on my now annual summer sabbatical where I take a few weeks off from my job as modcaster general and try to get out and some fun in the sun. But, I had to get back to this because so much cool new music has been coming out of late and I really want to be sharing it with you all.

Listen Now

The Shang Hi Los -- Monsieur Valentine (2023)
Kid Gulliver -- I've Got a Picture of You (2023)
Manual Scan -- Couch Is On Fire (2023)
The Paper Hearts -- Mascara (2023)
Full Time Men -- We Were Using (2023)
The Gypsy Moths -- Tilt-A-Whirl (2023)
The Arrogants -- No Plan (2023)
The Oxys -- Horsehoes And Hand Grenades (2023)

Souled Out -- Love School (2022)
The Faithful Brothers -- Dnace my Heart Away (2023)
The Kevin Fingier Collective -- My Heart Is Burning (2023)
Trambeat -- Don't Hold Back (2023)
Hague & White -- Out Here On My Own (2023)
The Cynz -- I Need You (2023)
The Lemon Drop Gang -- Johnny Is A Jerk (2023)
Shake Some -- Don't Tell Me More (2023)
Trevor Blendour -- Wrong Generation (2023)

Bonus Third Set
The Gypsy Moths - We Can't Go Home

Ella Fitzgerald - Summertime

Souled Out - Let Me In Your Heart

Barbarian (punk parody of “Barbara-Ann”) by Musicians Anonymous Cleveland

The Truth - Exception Of Love

Be Your Own Pet - Worship The Whip

J Navarro & The Traitors

Continental - Hello