October 16, 2023

Modcast #548: Sounds Like Heaven

Good day, sinners. Are you looking for heavenly songs and angelic voices? Then you're probably in the wrong place! This here is down and dirty rock & roll. The kind your mother warned you about. C'mon, take a quick listen. You know wanna.

Listen Now

Uni Boys -- I Want It Too (2023)
Star Collector -- Crashin' (2023)
The Bablers -- Thinking Of You (2023)
Plasticsoul -- Biff Bang Pow (2017)
The Veras -- Something To Say (2023)
Dfactor Pop -- In The 70s (2023)
Drool Brothers -- Quiet Vacation (2023)

Tall Poppy Syndrome -- Let It Ride (2023)
Joel Stoker -- Down At The Undertow (2023)
Jamie Hoover -- Kim Kardashian (2022)
Geoff Palmer -- In The Grooves (2023)
Young Francis Hi Fi -- I Wanna Hold You Tight Tonight (2020)
The Manxx -- You're Losing Me (2023)
Dee C. Lee -- Don't Forget About Love (2023)

Bonus Third Set

Star Collector - Crashin'

The Corsairs - Today

The Laissez Fairs - Sensation

The Molotovs - Rhythm of Yourself

Robbers On Highstreet - Love Underground

Velvet Starlings - Pacific Standard Time

The Jacks - Pretty Poison


Material Issue - Diane

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