August 24, 2008

Modcast #102: Mods Look Ready

Welcome to the modcast. Gotta little bit of soul, a little bit of pop, and a whole lot of rock and roll. Mods look ready, ready to hear some great music from mods like Graham Day, Fay Hallam, Paul Bevoir and more. What are you waitin' for ... listen now.

Are you in a mod band? Were you in a band a way back when? Spread the love and send me some MP3s and I'll work them into a future show. You can e-mail me at

Mod on, kids, mod on.

  • Berry Tweed & The Chasers -- 7 Days is too Long
  • Paul Bevoir -- Too Late Now
  • Sheetah & les Weissmuller -- Pire que le Silence
  • The Royal Suite -- Lovebiter
  • The Claim -- Armstrong's Revenge
  • Graham Day & The Gaolers -- South Avenue
  • Fay Hallam Trinity -- Always the Sky
  • Most Wanted Men -- Sweet Bird of Youth
  • The Jackpot -- Underneath the College Clock
  • Dirty Pretty Things -- Tired of England
  • The Zebras -- You Look Ready

    Graham Day & the Gaolers -- Too Few Things

    Dirty Pretty Things - Tired of England