September 5, 2012

Modcast #243: Keepin' The Beat

Modcast #243: Keepin' The BeatKeepin' the beat in the mod world this week is a whole host of great bands from The Who to The Chase to The Ska Vengers, with sounds from power pop to soul, to ska. What's old is new again with a couple of cool covers mixed in with brand new originals and a few classics that always put your toes to tapping.

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Listen Now

Night Trains -- No More Heroes (2012)
The Uptights -- Let Me Love You (2012)
Men of North Country -- iPhoneumonia (2012)
Likely Lads -- Home Wrecker (2012)
The Chase -- A Different Place (2011)
The Idea -- You Remind Me Of You (1987)
Squire -- Get Ready To Go (1980)
The Jetset --Count The Beating Hearts (1985)
The Who -- Call Me Lightning (1968)
The Raindeer Army -- Subterranean Sun (1970)
The Breajers -- Don't Send Me No Flowers (1966)
The Ska Vengers -- I Put A Spell On You (2012)
The Absolutes -- I Think About You (2011)
The Fleet Street -- Hang Me Out (2012)
Lee Dorsey -- Wonder Woman (1966)

Men of North Country - Debut

The Fleet Street - Save Me