October 15, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Idea

The Idea hailed from L.A.'s own backyard, Fontana. In the late 80s when the southern California scene seemed to be rude to the right of you and rude to the left you, The Idea were one of the few mod R&B acts in the L.A. scene. While the San Diego and San Francisco mod scenes always had a stronger connection to their sixties roots, L.A. and Orange Counties always seemed to go for the harder power pop, even punk, or ska bands.

So, it was nice that in 1988 a young mod band with solid soul and style started to make itself felt on the scene. Four guys barely out of high school and they put out a pretty good 7" EP with four original songs of substance. "Our Way", "Try", "You Remind Me of You", and "Power Poppers". Great songs all.

They were clearly influenced by the '79 mod revival bands such as The Jam, Squire and Purple Hearts, but also at times had some elements of other groups like The Squeeze and Elvis Costello and the Attractions, and sometimes a harder edge appeared ala The Ramones, Buzzcocks and Agent Orange. Through it all though they managed to keep a pretty good power pop and sixties foundation.

The Idea -- You Remind Me Of You