October 16, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Champagne

Champagne is a dreamy, summery, fuzzy guitared power pop band from Spain. The song here is from their 2005 release Ready Steady Go! which is a great bit of power pop sure to brighten up any grey day. (Trust me, I'm in Seattle, I know this for a fact.) The band at times reminds me of Sparklejets UK, or Fountains of Wayne, and they've obviously been influenced by old school pop masters like Paul Collins and Elvis Costello, but also these more modern sounds like the Posies and Teenage Fanclub. The song here "Summer and Kisses" with it's Beach Boyesque vocal harmonies, and sixties pop stylings, is the perfect remedy to a rainy day, or a great send off to the beginning of summer. I don't read Spanish, but it seems that the band has a brand new album just released.

Champagne -- Summer and Kisses