October 10, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Flirtations

It's 1968, Motown eat your heart out. Here come The Flirtations. Or at least that should have been the story. The Flrtations started out as a quartet from South Carolina and finally ended up as a trio from the states reoording in the UK. They were every bit as good or better than The Supremes. Their soul sound was tight, it was even poppy and radio friendly. And yet, their only friends in the end were the soul sound afficianados of the Northern Soul scene.

The Flirtations did have a very Motown girl group sound. It was soul music through and through with the tight vocal harmonies and infectious choruses. One of their earliest singles, featured here "Stronger Than Her Love" is a great piece with a strong lead vocal, and an overall soul vibe. Other songs like "Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me" became cult classics, but it was "Nothing But A Heartache" that vaulted The Flirtations into the tops of the charts.

Sadly, they never did cash in the way that other girl groups of the sixties did. But they are still working it, and in 2007 even recorded new material for a Northern Soul compilation.

The Flirtations -- Stronger Than Her Love

The Flirtations -- Take Me In Your Arms And Love Me