October 19, 2009

Mod-A-Day: Squeeze

One of the mod friendly new wave bands of the late 70s was the UK's Squeeze. The band started out in 1974 and by 1977 they were a foursome, Chris Difford, Glenn Tilbrook, Jules Holland and Gilson Lavis that were more of a power pop/punk band. Their first three song EP appropriately titled Packet of Three was critically acclaimed and launched the band's career. Theirs was a guitar driven sound with a typical punk edge, but that later softened on thier debut Squeeze and second release Cool for Cats as the keyboards became more prominent, the melodies sharpened, and the vocals of Difford and Tilbrook began to mesh like fine wine and dark chocolate. Holland left the band in 1980 and went on to a very successful solo career eventually having his own 18 piece big band, and now hosting his on BBC 2 music talk show. Squeeze continued on with Difford and Tilbrook always the constant members during the band's various incarnations over the years. Their third album Argy Bargy is my favorite. The songs are power pop based but well complimented by the new wavish synthesizers and jangling guitars. The band has been touring of late -- I saw them in 2008 and they were excellent -- and claims to be working on a whole disks worth of new material for release in 2010. The songs here show the beginning punky sound with "Night Ride" from their first EP, and then their more mature sound with "Vicky Verky" from Argy Bargy.

Squeeze -- Night Ride

Squeeze -- Vicky Verky

Squeeze -- Another Nail in My Heart