September 2, 2013

Modcast #276: With Guest Host The Ice Cream Man

A big welcome back to The Ice Cream Man, guest hosting the modcast for a second time. He is hot off the debut of his own newly launched power pop podcast which you can find it at his most excellent blog, The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More!.

If you're familiar with his blog, then you know that this will be a fantastic modcast with really great music from bands like The Riots, The Solicitors, The Judes, The Most and much more. What else would expect from The Ice Cream Man?

Listen Now

The Above - The girl with the peacock tattoo
The Solicitors - Pretty Penny
Mark and The Spies - Please Think it over
Nick Piuntin - 13 in my head
The Pinecones - Kimbererley Keep
The Most - I Don't want it
The Sympathy - When The Sun Goes Down
The Riots - Out Of Control
The Shade - Tommy aint your thief
Shelta - Faraday
Stephen Lawrenson - Words to say
Souvenir Stand - Days I spent with you
Bobby Fuller Four - Magic Touch
The Judes - Let's fall in love again
Attic Lights - Say You love me

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