November 4, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Prissteens

The Prissteens are a late 90s garage rockin' power pop band made up mostly of females. So far, so good. It gets better, once you start listening to their one and only album, 1998's Scandal, Controversy & Romance. The Prissteens build on a foundation of influences from classic girl groups like The Ronnetes and The Shangri-Las for songs like "I Don't Cry" and "Run Back To You". Then there are the harder sounds of tracks like "The Hound" and "Let Me Run Wild" that expose their infatuation with later, harsher ladies like The Runaways and even The Go-Gos. And then there's the bass heavy garage punk number "What's She Got" that sounds for all the world like something the Pandora's did back in the day. All this was dropped back in the late 90s, and then sadly the band dispersed before cashing in, having paved the way for girl heavy garage rockers who have like The Detroit Cobras, The Raveonettes, The Cocktail Slippers, and others.

The Prissteens -- What's She Got