November 24, 2009

Mod-A-Day: The Fleshtones

They've been dubbed America's garage band. They were one of the original bands that made CBGB's cool in the 70s. They're the subject of their own documentary, and a great biography called "Sweat". They took their own first single from 1979 and turned it into the theme music to Tom Hank's Bachelor Party in 1984. Amazingly, they've never charted higher than 174 on the Billboard charts, and yet are a favorite band of artists both mainstream and indie. They're The Fleshtones. here they are some 30+ years into their existence and they just produced their 19th full length release. Part of the New York punk/new wave scene of the 70s, their sound has always been less punk, more pop, with a sort of frat rock vibe, which seems to have suited garage rock fans just fine. It's a great mix of 50s rock, 60s R&B, and 70s power pop, which the band has the uncanny ability to make sound fresh and new. Here is "Soul Struttin" from their 1982 release Blast Off, and "Late September Moon" off of what might be the band's best release ever, 2005's Beachhead.

The Fleshtones -- Soul Struttin'

The Fleshtones -- Late September Moon

Pardon Us for Living, But the Graveyard is Full [Trailer]