November 1, 2009

Modcast #145: Mods Ride Again

I'm back baby. You can't get rid of me that easy. Between guest hosts, and sharing a few of the old shows from the vaults, it seems I haven't done a lot of my modcasting of late. A big shout of thanks to the recent guest hosts who've made me look like such an amateurish hack -- Dan from The New Fidelity (Modcast #140), Neal from Modest Proposal (Modcast #143) and Ken from The Shingles (Modcast #144).

But, I'm back on the beat, Pete. And have I got a show for you. Don't believe me? Just listen in.

Enzo Bontempi -- Bangarang (1968? or 2009?)
The School -- Let It Slip (2008)
New Street Adventure -- Small Town Heroes (2009)
Cool Frog -- Much Than You (2009)
Connett -- Soul Clean (2008)
The Madd -- You Can Be My Baby (20090
The Cribs -- We Were Aborted (2009)
Nick Gilder -- Got To Get Out (1978)
The Quick -- No No Girl (1976)
Sweet -- Wig Wam Bam (1974)
Graham Day & The Gaolers -- Wanna Smoke (2008)

Italian Spiderman Trailer (Alrugo Entertainment)

The Madd - Her Big Man