November 15, 2009

Modcast #147: The Big Power Pop Show Part Deux

Welcome to Mr. Suave's Mod Mod World. This is the second of my big power pop shows, because as I pointed out last week, one modcast alone couldn't contain it all (go for part 1). So I've put together another near dozen perfect power pop songs. Some you'll be familiar with, and a few you might not. What are you doing reading this? Get to downloading the show, pure musical enjoyment is on the way.

Gary Valentine -- The First One (1978)
Raspberries -- Go All The Way (1972)
The Secrets -- I Can Dance Better (1982)
Shoes -- Your Very Eyes (1979)
The Last Ones -- Bit of You (1982)
The Shirts -- Time (Has Seen Me Lonely) (1980)
The Peasants -- Here She Comes (1980)
The Headboys -- Schoolgirls (1979)
The Scooters -- Big Brother (1980)
The Now -- I Wanna Go Steady With You (1980)
The Zippers -- It Hurts (1981)

The Headboys -- The Shape of Things To Come

Shoes -- Tomorrow Night