January 16, 2010

Washington Wines Finally Get Their Due

The time is overdue for Washington wines to get their due. This year it's finally happened. Chateau St. Michelle, the granddaddy of Washington Wines, has made its mark be being heralded as the best wine of 2009 by Wine Spectator magazine. I'm not much of a wine guy. It's kind of like art. Or anything else. I know what I like. And, while Chateau St. Michelle is a fine wine, I have to say that Washington's finest is Kiona, which produces the finest chenin blanc. No matter, it's just nice to see little old Washington finely gettin' some props.

British band The Rapscallions have captured the whole alcohol thing pretty perfectly with "Great Swines Drink Alike".

The Rapscallions -- Great Swines Drink Alike