January 11, 2010

The Risk Storming New Sounds of the Sixties Away Back When

Just stumbled across this video of The Risk at the New Sounds of The Sixties show in 1986.

I went to several of those shows in San Diego over the years and they were all great, but no knowing if this was the actual high-water mark or not.

We always had a good time scooting down from the Inland Empire, making a weekend of it in San Diego, seeing the show, meeting new friends, partying like crazy. I can remember staying at the Lucky 7 Motel, with like 40 people ending up crashing there over night. There was some sort of altercation when some skinheads tried to ransack our room -- literally they were kicking people and stole some lawn chairs and ice chests of all things. (Don't ask me why we had lawn chairs, I really don't know.) Eventually, everyone passed out. Wait, am I supposed to be admitting this stuff? Even now?

Oh yeah, in '86 one thing I can't forget is that it was hot, too hot, I had too much to drink, and I think I sort of didn't appreciate The Risk as much as I would have otherwise. Ah, well . . . . .

The Risk - Inside Straight