January 21, 2010

2009 Music Festivals

Cochella has become the media darling music festival, sort of a music festival to end all music festivals. But there are better, namely Britian's Reading Festival.

This year Cochella does have a few bands I'd like to see such as The Specials, The Cribs, Camera Obscura, Devo, Public Image Limited, or Gil Scott Heron. And that's spread over three days at a cost of $269. Too rich for my blood.

On the other hand, the Reading Festival has quite a few groups that I'd very much like to see like The Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, Arctic Monkeys, the Aggrolites, Mad Caddies, and The Rakes. Of course, getting to the UK from Seattle is a bit pricier than a jaunt down the coast to So Cal. So six of one and half a dozen of the other I suppose.

Gil Scott Heron -- The Bottle

Kaiser Chiefs -- Tomato In The Rain

Maximo Park -- Postcard of a Painting

Camera Obscura -- Let's Get Out Of This Country

The Cribs -- Hari Kari

The Specials -- Little Bitch